• When: 08/16/14
  • QIC: Fiji
  • The PAX: Sand Dollar, Enos, Stones, Invert, Cut Off, Socrates, Pebbles, Fiji

War Daddy Brings the Pain

8 PAX posted Saturday morning for a Fiji led full-body beatdown. Fiji may be the War Daddy but you certainly wouldn’t know it when you watch him work. This Q brings the pain and puts the pax to shame, yet encourages them to press on. Fiji — untouched.



Arm Circles 15 IC
Thru the Tunnel 15 IC
Merkins 15 IC
Side Straddle Hops 15 IC
Imperial Walkers 15 IC
Squats 15 IC
Windmill 15 IC
Indian Run around BB Field

Jog to the pic-nic area for chin-ups
5 Reverse Chinups OYO
Up and Hold for 2 CT – Lower yourself for 10 CT
OR 25 Regular Chinups

Jog to the FB field

Suicides – 20 + 40 + 50 YDS
Skip 100 YDS
Karaoke 100 YDS
Backwards 100 YDS

Jog to the facility

15 Rows – Palms up
15 Rows – Palms Down
15 Decline Merkins
45 second peoples chair
Rinse & Repeat

Jog back to the FB field

100 Yard Sprint
100 Yard Backwards run

Circle up for a little MARY

Slow Count Cross-Knee Mtn Climbers 10 IC
Low Plank with left arm up – 30 sec
1 Minute Low Plank Center
Low Plank with right arm up – 30 sec
Freddie Mercury – 10 IC

Jog to the Brick Pile

Curls 25 IC
Upper Half Curl 20 IC
Lower Half Curl 20 IC
Shoulder Press 15 IC
Shoulder & Front raises 20 IC



Prayer Requests
• Continued prayers for Walker.

• Stomp the Swamp this coming Saturday, 8/23, at RHBC

• Brother Fiji is an inspiration to us all — or at least to me. At 62 years young, he’s what I hope to be when my 26 years are the inverse. Keep on keeping on men.

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