• When: 
  • QIC: We still aren't sure
  • The PAX: Napalm, SandDollar, LooseScrew, Mungo, MajorPAin, Enos, Magoo, Happy Trail

Hills, hills, and more hills

Conditions:68 and just slightly humid

8 Pax gathered at RIPBB to discuss their weekend activities, what races they were signing up for, and who was going to be the Q today.  After everyone assumed it would be Napalm, he took that as a challenge.  Before we knew it we were wishing we were back in our fartsacks, but we all got better for prying ourselves out this morning.

The Thang:  Head out of RIPBB and down to Lake Murray Blvd.  Circle back onto Woodrow Street, left onto Columbia Avenue.  Head down hill as fast as you can go, look for the runaway truck ramp if needed, stop at College St.  High knees until the 6 arrive.

Head back up Columbia Drive doing progressive suicides at each driveway entrance all the way back to the apartments at the bottom of the hill.  Regroup and sprint uphill to Mower St.  rinse and repeat but this time sprinting up the hill back wards.

Turn on to Carlisle Street and pick a number (1,2, or 3)  Pax pick 2, so suicides on every 2 parking lines all the way to the end (crowd pleaser).

Regroup at YingYang Junction.  Pick a hill and run down then back up.  Then do the same on the other hill.  Mosey back to Woodrow street for light pole mosey/sprints.  This is where the runaway truck ramp was really needed, even though the course was flat.  Excellent work by all the Pax with several different Pax leading out in front with sprints.  Most impressive by far was the runaway truck better known as MajorPain.

Cross RR tracks and back to RIPBB.



Go Ruck, November 21.  Check out the preblast.

Stomp the Swamp this Saturday 8/23 at River Bluff HS

Crooked 5k Saturday 8/30 at Crooked Creek Park

Governors Cup Training coming soon, Magoo to Co-Q

Pray for Flapper’s wife

Continue to pray for Walker Phillips

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