• When: 08/19/2014
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Catfish, Socrates, Quisenberry, Wombat, Merkin, Higgins, Pom Pom, Candy Stripe, Ginger

Back to School Plankfest @ #Turning Point

9 Pax enjoyed a slight breeze as the VSF was planted in the #gloom @ Turning Point.  Some things were known about this morning (1st posting since back-to-school, monthly PT test) while others were surprises (bear crawl ladder, plank-o-rama).  Excellent work put in by all the Pax today.  Turning Point is always a good place for a more intimate posting experience (which YHC prefers, frankly) & of course that mother of a hill they’ve got back there.

Conditions: 75 deg, 80% humidity w/ a slight breeze

The Thang:
Mosey from parking lot around to front of school
COP in front parking area (all exercises IC)
SSH 30
IW for Walker 20
Lil’ Arm Circles 10 (each direction)
Squat 20
WIndmill (YHC speed) 20
Merkins 10
LBC’s 10
Thru the tunnel 20

Mosey around front of school through open side gate to basketball court, skipping on the way (it IS back to school after all)

Basketball Court
Suicides (Baseline -> FT line/back -> Midcourt/back -> Other FT line/back -> baseline/back)
2nd set add 10 squats @ midcourt & 20 at baseline

PT Test
Pair up
Merkins AMRAP in 2 minutes
Situps AMRAP in 2 minutes

See link for results – http://goo.gl/vYsLdS

Mosey down Divebomber Hill (or whatever it’s called).
Bearcrawl burpee ladder up steeper hill toward the playground
BC up the hill, 5 burpees, run fall down hill
Rinse & repeat dropping 1 burpee each circuit #crowdpleaser
Finish @ top of hill

People’s Chair for 2:00 w/ hands out & up at times
Plank-o-rama (circle up in high plank.  each Pax leads some sort of exercise w/ a plank in it.  Sorry if I forgot your exercise…the pain makes the mind a bit fuzzy)
Walk out high planks
Side Plank
High/Low IC
Right arm up/Left Arm up
Clock Plank
3 more I can’t remember

Dealers’ Choice 6 Mins. of Mary
Flutter Kicks IC
Dying Cockroach IC
Rosalita IC

Mosey to COT/BOM

Prayer Requests

  • Continued prayers for Walker, NailPop & family
  • Turasi (heat stroke on Sunday)
  • Ginger’s father-in-law (Steve)

• Stomp the Swamp this coming Saturday, 8/23, at RHBS.  Lexington Convergence 6:15 @ #Crypt.  Be there!

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  1. I can always count on Ginger for a creative beat down, especially when I loathe bear crawls and planking. Nice to get to Turning Point, too. I survived the man-eating grass. Cheers.

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