• When: 10/30/14
  • QIC: Rudy
  • The PAX: Toothpick, Quick Way, Pole Slider, Creole, No Idea, Dirt Bag, Flux, Light Bill, Hall Pass, Money Penny, Holy Water, Rafter, Church Lady, Major Pain, Escobar, Howler, Trabeck, Mungo,

Until Fail, The Clapper, 6 minutes of Stairy. So many options, not sure how to title this.

19 PAX posted this morning in the Gloom for what turned out to be a workout full of possible Backblast titles.

Conditions: 50 and clear sky’s.

The Thang

Double Apple Sauce to soccer field

circle up

Imperial Walker 20 IC

TTT (with clap) 20 IC


Plank Jacks (Creole clapped during this one.  Not sure how??) 20 IC

Flutter Kicks 20 IC

Sprint to 1 corner of soccer field.  Big Boys until you can’t do anymore then sprint back to center of field and plank until everyone is back.

Sprint to next corner.  Merkins until fail.  Back to mid field & plank.

Next corner. Canooooooeeeeee until fail.  Back to midfield & plank.

Last corner. Carolina Dry Docks until fail.  Back to Midfield.

To the picnic tables.

Half do 15 step ups each leg while other half does peoples chair.

20 Freddy Mercuries IC then swap exercises

20 Freddy Mercuries IC

Half do 25 dips other half peoples chair

20 Freddy Mercuries IC then swap exercises

22 Freddy Mercuries just to keep you guessing.

Mosey to stairs.  Single file up and down stairs.  Rinse & Repeat for about 6 minutes or so.  (Mungo deemed this 6 minutes of Stairy)

All you got back to shovel flag.

1 minute of boat canoooooeeeee!


Pray for Stirrups

Major Pain has a paid spot open for the GoRuck.  He cannot do it.  Let him know if you are interested.

Trying to organize a Christmas party.  Please fill out the survey Crash sent out yesterday.

Do not register for the Mud Run using the email they sent out yesterday.  Wait for the F3 registration.  You will get an email.

Lots of cool F3 stuff going on.  Check out the website!





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