• When: 10/30/14
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Pavarotti, Fracture, Detour, Breakfast Club, Hoser, Copay, Madonna, Yellow Cake, Landslide, Say What, Simon Says, Freon, Socrates, Sled, Thumbs Up, Pepto

Pepto 0 — Diarrhea of the Mouth 1

Condtions: 55F and Clear

The Thang:
Opening prayer and a bid adieu to the Core Pax (Say What, Yellow Cake, Socrates, and Sled)

Mosey to Thistle field for COP, but yet the Core pax are spotted running away….I thought they weren’t going to run.
SSH IC x 36 (no one gave YHC a birthday present, so I gave them one) IC
TTT x 20 IC
Windmill (near Ginger Speed) x 20 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles 18 each way IC

Fast Mosey to the Breezeway. Here is where YHC told the story about YHC’s wrestling years and his coach’s idea about Overtime. Alternate merkins with LBCs about every 10 seconds until TBQ. First round everyone still pretty chatty.

Fast Mosey back up to the top of the breezeway, where threats of YHC’s physical harm was heard. Back peddle to the parking lot. Mostly so YHC could keep an eye on any pax that might want to get a little abusive.

Squats x 20 IC at the parking lot

Mosey to the wall and enjoy some quick altitude changes
Dips x 20 OYO
Incline Merkins x 20 OYO
Step ups with right leg first x 20 IC
Decline merkins x 20 OYO
Step ups with left leg first x 20 IC

Mosey to the top of cemetary hill. YHC felt sentimental for his first work out 6 months ago and proceeded to tell the story of a Jacob’s ladder on cemetary hill. YHC felt eyes of hatred and opted for an impromptu plank-o-rama
Right arm up
Left arm up
Low Plank

Mosey to the start of the extremely dark spooky trail.
Squats x 20 IC

Bear Crawl into the trail until the light is almost all but non-existent.
OVERTIME!!! Merkins and LBCs until TBQ succumbs us all.

Mosey down the trail heading towards to super secret field of dreams. YHC remembers another Overtime opportunity. Merkins and LBCs again.

Mosey down trail sans head light. We tried to sneak up on the Core guys, but YHC et al. thinks they were hiding in the woods sleeping. YHC then chose an inopportune time to cut through the woods towards the brick pile. The branches and twigs didn’t hurt that bad. Hope there wasn’t any poison ivy. Caladryl anyone?

Pass out bricks and one rather large piece of granite to an unsuspecting pax.

Curls for the girls x 20 IC
Overhead presses x 20 IC and walk carefully to the start of the super secret field of dreams
It’s time to get dirty. Lie down and do some more brick work.
Bench presses x 20 IC
Flys x 20 IC
Stand up and do the Napalm special. the Mummblechatter made YHC lose count on his way to 20 IC, but due to the mix up, YHC proceeded to about 36 IC. YHC is still upset about no birthday presents.

Stack the bricks and mosey to the trail down. Seemed like a goodtime for more OVERTIME with those silly merkins and LBCs. YHC thought about a slow mosey to the parking lot, but out of respect for our BIRCH brothers we did some Burpees for the passing Burpee Train.

Mosey to the parking lot, where a pax received a detention slip from a teacher for some unintentional overhead diarrhea of the mouth. Pepto never had a chance.

Sprint to the 2nd set of lights, back peddle to the top. Wojo down 1/2 way and flip to the other side.


BOM with Core guys who emerged yawning from the woods. We never saw them or heard them. Creepy.

Don’t register for April MudRun yet. Wait for F3 time.
P200 teams are formed(ing)
Governor’s Cup
Paddy Packs in December
Christmas Party Dec 19th.

Prayer Requests:
Breakfast club will be heading to Delaware for his mom’s funeral. He asks we keep his dad in our prayers as he starts a new journey in life after 44 years of marriage.

Matthew 6:25-34
YHC spoke of God’s gentle nudging after reading the book radical. We live too much for ourselves and not for others. YHC felt God’s nudge to simplify his life and shrink his mortgage responsibility. This opened up a new source of income for whatever God desires, we don’t know if there are times of trouble or other things that God has in plan for us, but whatever it is God is in it. The new house, the price, the sell of YHCs house (4 days start to finish), and the closings all worked without any issues. When it’s God’s plans, it all goes well. When it’s not God’s plans we usually have to force it with many bumps in the road. We need to listen to God and follow and do as he asks. Don’t fight it. It might not be a house or a car, but the voice is always there. Be open to change.

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