• When: 10/30/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Tumbler, Ranger, Blindside, Shake-n-Bake, No Help

5 pax endure the ups and downs of crawling, #GORUCKTraining

YHC woke up this morning looking forward to the Q, he continued to think about what his plans would be as he put his manpri tights on just like any other man would.  He arrived at the AO to find 4 other pax who extracted themselves from the fartsack this morning for some GORUCK training.  YHC wanted to push the pace some and throw in some new variations on a few exercises.  The group welcomed in a late addition to the GORUCK Challenge event, Shake-n-Bake who was eager to test out his new GR0 and all the goodies that came along with it.  So off the pax today for a glorious journey of pain.

Weather: Mid 50’s, low humidity, partially cloudy

The Thang:

Ruck to bottom of Cemetery Hill and drop rucks for COP

SSH x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Little Arm Circles x 20 IC (10 front, 10 back)

Ruck-up and jog up Cemetery Hill

Remove ruck and hug the ruck for deep slow squats x 20 individual

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC while holding ruck straight up, followed by holding 6″ for 30 seconds while still keeping ruck up

Clean and press ruck x 20

Ruck-up again and head down trail through the woods head to the super secret #Crypt field

Line up, 10 slow individual count merkins holding in the down position (5 sec hold on the last one)

Tunnel of Love, five lovely trips through for each pax

Lunge the rest of the way down the field

Take ruck off, 50 shoulder presses then hold ruck overhead for 15-20 seconds

Hug ruck for 50 deep squats

Ruck-up again and move to the bottom of the hill in front of the #Crypt field

Bear crawl up the hill

Bear crawl down the hill

Ruck around past the breezeway to open field on the opposite side of the school, line up at the steepest and longest portion of the hill

100 merkin ladder – 20 at the top, 20 at the bottom, rinse and repeat until you reach 100 merkins

Low crawl back down hill (Blindside used the effective #Strides-dale method, use body weight and gravity to do the work in combination with the grab and pull method)

Ruck to bottom of hill by the tennis courts

Lunge to the top of the hill

Ruck back to parking lot

10 slow count merkins, holding in the down position again

20 slow deep squats


49-Dirty-HorseThis may or may not be an actual photo of Blindside shaking off before getting into his car…guess you would have had to be there to find out for sure.


Great work, great mumble chatter, and great job staying together as a team during the workout.  During each exercise and during the rucking all the pax worked together as a team, leaving no one behind.  That is what F3 is all about, working together to better each other and ensuring that we leave no one behind.  YHC is extremely grateful to be part of such an amazing group of men.


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