• When: 09/06/14
  • QIC: Phonebooth
  • The PAX: Wolverine, False Alarm, Magoo, Pothole, Roommate, JD, Blue Crab, Moonshine, Footon, Shakespeare, Eh!, Outhouse, Neck Brace, EZ, Uncle Rico, Kumbaya, Pinot, Henpecked, Soccer Mom, Magic Mike, Scotchguard, Multiply, Phonebooth

The Pull-ups, the Bricks, the Blocks, the Track on Saturday is just right

23 Pax rolled into the gloom for some fun with bricks and cinder blocks. YHC has been troubled for some time because we tried this workout before and we just didn’t have the time to finish it in 45 min. Well Saturday was definitely baby bear’s porridge, because the workout fit perfectly.

Conditions: 72 deg, humid, lots of arm pain

Welcome new FNGs, gave “the speech,” prayer

Circle up in the parking lot for warm-up:
– SSH x 25 IC
– Imperial Walker x 25 IC
– Merkin x 15 IC

Partner up, move to Playground for Phonebooth special
Do 10 pull-ups, then do 10 Derkins (diamond)
rinse/repeat x7

Move to Brickpile, every man grabs to two bricks and one cinder block, mosey to the track
One man does stationary workout with bricks or cinder block, while one man takes a lap with a brick in each hand. At the end of your lap, swap positions w/ your partner. Seven AMRAP stationary workouts:
– laying on your back, cinder block press
– stand up, Boxing w/ bricks in hand: Jab left, jab right, uppercut left, uppercut right
– Stand cinder blocks (yours & partner’s) on ends, do dips
– Curls w/ cinder block
– Shrugs w/ cinder block
– Overhead Tricep extensions w/ bricks
– Axe chop with bricks

Move to center of track field, 8 minutes of Abs:
– Russian Twist x 40 IC
– Flutter Kicks x 40 IC
– Boat/Canoe x 2 min
– Atomic Situps x 10 (single count)

Mosey to the Shovel Flag for COT/BOM

Great workout today by all Pax. I see so many guys getting stronger on pull-ups. Keep setting goals to go farther on pull-ups without help.

– Neck Brace is in charge of beverages for the Mud Run, but he is looking for an Ice gopher to help that is not doing the Mud Run. The Ice will already be paid for, but he needs someone to go pick it up, store/transport it, and help distribute it at the Mud Run. Please let him know if you can help.
– Remember, Depot now has two workouts to fend off the problematic workouts. One starts at 5:15am and the other one starts at 5:30am. DFHS location should be wrapped up soon.
– Remember to pray for Walker every day at Noon.

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