• When: 09/05/2014
  • QIC: Mungo/Magoo
  • The PAX: ShellBack, Spook, Kevlar, Socrates, EZ, BrotherSi, MoonShine, Enos, Magoo, LooseScrew, PhoneBooth, PotHole, Slate, Swampy, Mungo

Elvis posts at Swagger

Conditions:75 degrees, 89% humidity

The Pre-Thang:
6 Pax (Magoo, BrotherSi, PotHole, Enos, MoonShine, Mungo) met up at Dunkin at 5am for the latest version of SwaggerXL (extra long) to get in extra mileage, some in preparation for the upcoming Governors Cup half marathon, some just for the fun of it. Elvis was knocking on YHC’s door and the Pax got back with plenty of time to spare before Swagger started. Unfortunately for YHC the staff at DD was running late and the store (more importantly the bathroom) was not yet unlocked.

The Thang:
15 pax took off at 5:30 for a 22 minute out and back. Several different routes were taken this morning and all 15 pax returned without having to send out a search party.
All routes started off headed through the neighborhood down Archers lane with a few turning around at the 5K marker point, a few pax turning left at Columbiana for the loop back to DD, a few Pax turned right on Columbiana then left on Harbison and crossed I-26 to Lowes hanging a left at Park Ridge Dr. and looping past Frankie’s and the new Hospital back to DD, several more turning around at Chic-Fil-A and coming back through the Archer hills, and one Pax(YHC) was seen breaking into the bathroom at Sonic to pull a much anticipated Elvis. Several pounds lighter and a bit more nimble, YHC did return on the tougher course through the Archer Hills.

Excellent work by all the Pax.  Keep up the good work, keep coming back and #getbetter.

Depot will be having two workouts during the week until the new Dutch Fork AO is official (hopefully soon). Tues and Thurs will be 5:15 and 5:30, Saturday at 6:30

Continue to pray for Walker Phillips. He seems to be making some improvements so keep praying. Many have set an alert on their phones to remember to pray at 12pm everyday.

MudRun, GoRuck, and Governors Cup Half Marathon coming up soon. See F3Nation website for details.


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