• When: 8/29/14
  • QIC: Blue Screen and Blindside
  • The PAX: Bullpen, FDIC, Meatball, Altar Boy, Zapper, Breakfast Club, Pavarotti, Sway, Double Dribble, Say What, Nikita, Smokey, Ginger, NoShow, TheCrapper, BlindSide, BlueScreen, Bulldog

The “BS” Workout



blue screenblindside

Conditions: Cool 70 Degrees with ample humidity to work up a “light” sweat

The Thang: Thanks to Blue Screen for stepping up to the challenge and appearing for his VQ! The PAX gathered in the parking lot for what some assumed was going to be a light workout since there was a Blindside spotting Friday that involved several hours of yard work. They soon found out…that was not going to be the case at all! Rehydrated with Blue Screen at the helm, the workout got REAL, real quick. There was a parking lot weaving class topped off with some squats and a few merkins, a circle of pain with a some masonry work that would make any homebuilder proud, a crowd pleasing over-under session followed by the debut of the “Silver Back” (Crappers) showing the PAX how to do proper bear crawls the full length of the field. The PAX are calling for a rename. A few more laps around the field led us to a little MARY that finished off the “BS” workout.

I. Disclaimer & Prayer –

II. Mosey around parking lot once (with High Knees and Butt Kicks) to Grass in Front of School
SSH x 20
IW x 20
TTT x 20
WM x 20
Count off by twos: Iron Crosses x 20 OYO

III. Mosey to Parking Lot
Parking Lot Weave:
Sprint to top – 20 Merkins
Sprint down – 20 Squats
R&R til brick corner
Finish (Plank) at brick corner

IV. Grab bricks, mosey to Field of Dreams
Circle up
Curls the whole time (200)
Clockwise – 10 Shoulder Press, 10 Side Raise, Continue with Curls
Next person begins Shoulder Press when man on left completes Shoulder Press
Place Bricks off to side

V. 1s with Blind Side – 2s with Blue Screen
Over-unders – length of field
PAX plank 6-7′ apart
Plank until both groups are done.

VI. Prisoner Lunges 1/2 Field, Bear Crawl 1/2 Field

VII. 4 complete laps, Sprint the Long Side, Jog Short Side OYO
Plank by bricks when done

VIII. Return bricks and mosey around parking lot to grass in front of school


Pajanimal post-run stretch
FK x 20
Side Plank Twists x 16 (Switch at 8)
LBC x 20 Blue Screen
Flap Jacks x 8 OYO

IX. Return to Flag
Announcements – T2T Run Sept 19, MudRun Oct 4, Coffeeteria (Chick-Fil-A) afterwards
Prayer Requests – Ginger father-in-law, Blah-Blah, Walker


Devo-(Blindside) Practice patience in every relationship we have focusing on the home. Blindside is beginning the Love Dare with his wife and challenged the Pax to step up and complete it with him. DM Blindside for accountability partner .

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