• When: 8/30/14
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Estrada, Spirit Fingers, Clinch, Lemon, Farmer, Verizon, PAC (FNG- Dan Kelly), Which One, Julep, Bunny Slope, Buggy Wuggy, Blah Blah, Chinstrap

CONDITIONS:  75 degrees

With such a letdown Thursday evening, YHC felt it was in order for a little “pick me up” for the PAX on this Gloomy Saturday morning.  And what better way to get over watching sub-par football then playing a little Ultimate Football.  Wanting to ensure that the beat down wasn’t just a “game”, YHC added a few minor rules to provide the PAX additional motivation to give it their all.  If the ball touched the ground, whichever team touched it last had to do 1 down and up while the other team was able to continue to play.


BOM: Chinstrap


Mosey to practice field, circle up

IW x 20 ic
SSH x 20 ic
LBAC x 20 ic (10 front, 10 back)
BBAC x 20 ic (10 front, 10 back)
WINDMILL x 20 ic
TTT x 20 ic

Plank walk towards YHC to form tight circle.
– Received instruction for today’s beatdown.
– Count of by 2’s

1’s Mosey towards one side of field and 2’s towards the other

Play Ultimate Football until one team gets 10 points.
PAX complete the # of Burpees representing the other teams score.
– Team 2 10 Burpees
– Team 1 8 Burpees

Start another round of Ultimate Football.

YHC halted game at 7:30

Mosey towards locker rooms for water break. (Attempted to anyways but doors to water fountain were locked.)

Mosey to Pull-Up bars
10 Pull-Up’s OYO

Mosey back to practice field
Count off by 1’s and 2’s
Start another round of Ultimate Football until 7:55

Mosey to the base of Stairway of Pain
Sprint up stairs and perform Burpees.  The # of reps are based on the other teams score

Mosey back to the front of gym


-Walker Phillips
-GoRuck (1 PAX didn’t seem interested but after a couple minutes of hearing us talk about it, he asked specifics about a rucksack.  Sounds like a SC to me)
-Relayed to PAX that Twitter is F3’s Main form of communication

BOM: Bunny Slope

MOLESKIN: GREAT effort by the PAX today to keep moving when it would have been easy to “cheat/slackoff”.  All PAX agreed that Ultimate Football definitely provided a special beatdown.  Some PAX expressed interest to play it on a more regular basis, possibly one evening or AFTER a Saturday morning bootcamp.

FNG’S:  Dan Kelly….  Served in Army in logistics….  PAC

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