• When: 2020-08-25
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Toothpick, Fools Gold, Lumbergh, JD, Stagecoach, Phonebooth, Devito, Joanna, Moose, Soccer Mom, Box WIne, Hallmark, Grylls, Sparky, Rudy, Road Rage, Coppertone, See Saw, Tuber, Tentpole (R), Red Card, Kitty Litter (R), Updyke, Gordie (R), Hokey Pokey, Hairnet, Bud, Cheddar, Flipper (R), Abacus, R2D2, Moneypenny, Fire Daddy

The August Edition of the Half Pipe

An all-star cast of 33 pax from Roost, Speed Trap, and Depot, all took on the half pipe this morning at Roost.  Effort and humidity were equally matched.  Here’s how it went down.

Conditions: Mid 70% and 1000% humidity

Tha Thang:

Head to top of the hill for a quick warm up.

Explanation of Half Pipe (modified- blockless):

Start at the top of hill closest to the softball field with 10 reps of burpees.  Run to bottom of hill for 10 squats.  Run to opposite top for 10 merkins.  Return to middle for 10 LBCs.  Then run back to top nearest softball field. Add 1 rep/exercise each lap…second lap would be 11 of each and so on…rinse & repeat until time is called.

This workout is all about “you vs you.” Push yourself by recording your “score” each month while pushing others to get better at the same time.

One would think that less reps would equal more running but the burpees took it out of everyone.  3-4 miles covered by most pax and then there was Tentpole who covered what seemed to be 10 miles.

Thanks to Speed Trap and Depot for joining.  You guys are welcome back any time.  Half pipe takes place on the last Tuesday of each month (next one being 9/29)

Announcements and Prayers

Iron Pax Week 0 will be Thursday at Roost.  Watch HERE for instructions.

FCA Back To School Prayer Rally Saturday, 8/29 9am.  Locations can be found HERE


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