• When: 12/23/14
  • QIC: Smokey
  • The PAX: Convoy, Enos, Fiji, Pebbles, Smokey

Smokey’s Make Up Q


Cool and wet.  First question to the Q this morning, are we going to do much laying on the ground.  My response “nope.”  5 pax survived Smokey’s upper body painfest.

The Thang:

Nice slow Mosey to the elementary school parking lot.


SSH x25 IC

Imperial Walkers x20 IC

Merkins x20IC

Through the Tunnel x20 IC

Little Arm Circles x10 Forward and 10 Reverse IC

-Mosey to Tennis Courts (Four Corners)

Prisoner Lunge to First Corner (long side)

Merkins x20 OYO

Crab Walk to next corner (short side)

Burpees x10 OYO

Prisoner Lunge to next corner (long side)

Merkins x20 OYO

Bear Crawl to last corner (short side)

Burpees x10 OYO


-Mosey to School Playground

Imperial Walker x20 IC

Big Boy Sit Ups x20 OYO

Pullups x15 (OYO as many as possible, then assisted to finish)

Rinse and Repeat

-Mosey downhill to Brickpile

Grab two bricks each and circle up for PAX Choice

Fiji Overhead Press x25 IC

Enos Curls x25 IC

Convoy Bent Over Rows x 20IC

Pebbles Calf Raise Butterflies x 20 IC

Line up on wall for People’s Chair x60 seconds with bricks

Smokey Tricep Extension x20 IC



Excellent work by the pax this morning. Even though it was a small number of pax, everybody worked hard and got their money’s worth.  Devotional time led by YHC from Duck Commander Devotional book.  “God’s Beautiful Handiwork”.   Ephesians 2:8-10


-F3 Dads at Depot on Friday 8 am.

-Check twitter for standing 2nd and 3rd F opportunities throughout F3 Lake Murray, F3 Lexington, and F3 Columbia.

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