• When: 12/23/14
  • QIC: Julep
  • The PAX: PAC, Harp, Bunk Bed, Moolah


5 Faithful Pax posted on a very gloomy morning at the Snakepit. It certainly was a morning full of surprises for the Pax. Normally it is Snakepit tradition that we pray and the parking lot lights come on as we pray, but not today.   Either we weren’t on the same page as the Lord this morning or there was no school (I guess Mr. Belding is trying to save money), whatever the case, there was very little light on an already gloom filled morning. No light, however, did not stop the Pax from working hard and getting better together.

Weather: 42 degrees, Misty, Very Low Visibility

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:


20 SSH

20 TTT

20 Imperial Walkers

15 Merkins

25 Mountain Climbers


One Lap Around the Track


Mosey to Stairs Near Stadium

5 Sets of Stairs

15 Squats at the Top

10 Pullups or AMRAP at the Bottom


Circle up for a little Ab Work

20 LBCs in Cadence

6 In Hold for 1 min


One Lap Around the Track


Mosey to Middle Set of Stairs

5 Laps around the Bleachers

Run up one set of Stairs 15 BBSU

Run down the other set of stairs 15 Merkins at the Bottom


Mosey to the Dreaded Big Boy Stairs

One Hero’s Run up the Stairs and 10 Burpees at the Top to finish the workout




Snakepit will be open on Thursday at normal time

Prayers for all our brothers traveling during the net few days


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