• When: 11/13/2014
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: Ginger, Tuff Guy, Ramblin Wreck, Columbo, Kipper, Catfish, Garmin

Shooting Dice at Jumanji

YHC screeched into the parking lot at the last minute to provide 7 pax with some dice games. After completing a marathon over the weekend, it was determined there would be zero running and zero leg work.

CONDITIONS: not cold



30 x little arm circles (15 forward, 15 back)
30 x Imperial Walkers
30 x Overhead claps


Pax gets into a circle. YHC provides 2 dice. First man rolls the dice. If an even number, do that many merkins. If odd number results, do that many LBCs. Then pass the dice to the next man. Continue until we hit every number possibility (2-12).

The game took approximately 35 minutes to complete.


20 x Russian twist
30 x LBC
40 x flutter kicks
hold six inches until time expires



Heroes of the workout:

Kipper (rolled snake eyes, eliminating the second to last number. He also rolled snake eyes again before the game ended and we appreciated the low numbers)

Tuff Guy (ended the game by rolling the elusive “12.” Tuff Guy did roll up mid-game, so we were glad he decided to come this morning.)

Ramblin Wreck for hitting the 3 & 4 relatively early on.


-December 19th at County Club of Lexington (Not Lexington Country Club…they care) Christmas Party

-Still taking alternates for Palmetto 200

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