• When: 11/13/14
  • QIC: Dirtbag
  • The PAX: Light Bill, Rudy, Hall Pass, Zamboni, Holy Water, Stirrups, Flux, No Idea, Church Lady, Dirtbag

The Murph – Dirtbag Style

46 degrees, felt warm for the layers of clothes that were present

10 PAX posted this morning at Speedtrap ready to perform The Murph in honor of our Veteran’s Day week.  Only a couple of pax had ever heard of what lied before us so anticipation was high.  That was until YHC advised of premature stretching as there would be no warmup this am.

The Thang:

Run 1 mile.  Mumblechatter was heard from the pax on how exactly YHC determined this mile….

50 pullups

50 Dirtbag curls (slight variation here since Q in charge can’t do 100 pullups)

200 Merkins

300 squats

Run 1 mile back to shovel flag


Circle for Mary:

Freddie Mercuries IC x 20 (Rudy)

Flutter Kicks IC x 20 (Hall Pass)

LBC IC x 20 (Hall Pass)

Boat Canoe (Rudy)



  • Great effort by the pax this morning, everyone put forth best effort to complete as many reps as possible with a few brave souls completing all 600 reps.
  • Mumblechatter was low overall, as heavy breathing was heard throughout the park
  • Much respect was given for Lt. Murphy, as all agreed this one kicked us where it was needed


  •  Encouragement out to our GORUCK brothers, as they are prepping at Foxhole this morning and Saturday as well.
  • Rudy and Bud will tag team the Q this Saturday at 6:30 am
  • Encouraged Pax to step up and Q as sign up is low right now.


Devotion – 2 Timothy Chapter 2, Reminder of our role as soldiers in the Lord’s Army

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