• When: 10/02/14
  • QIC: Rudy 1yr
  • The PAX: Howler, Money Penny, Light Bill, Sparky, Flux, Hall Pass, Bud, Dirt Bag, Rafter, Holy Water, Toothpick, Creole', Church Lady, Stirrups, Zamboni, Quick Draw, Major Pain, FNG Chef (Sam Bolton)

Rudy’s 1 year!

19 PAX posted in the Gloom this morning to celebrate Rudy’s 1 year anniversary.  No cake, no candles but there were some tires!

Conditions: 65 and dewy

The Thang:

Warm-ups are for sissies

Mosey to the hill behind the softball field.

Jacobs ladder

10 burpies, sprint up and down the hill, 8 burpies, sprint up and down the hill….. down to 2.  Plank when done.

Masey to the playground.

25 pullups, 50 LBC’s OYO, plank when done.

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the tires.  Throw the tires over the fence into the outfield of the baseball field.  Count off by 4’s.

Each group lift tire over head and carry it to the infield and back.  Group without a tire, balls to the wall until they get back then that group carries tire while others do balls to the wall.

Rinse and repeat. Group not carrying tires does people’s chair.

Rinse and repeat. Group not carrying tires does Freddy Mercuries.

Next round, flip tires, rotating teammates each flip.  Group not flipping, planks.

Next round, everyone does merkins while 1’s sprint to infield and back.  Then 2’s sprint, then 3’s, then 4’s.  everyone doing merkins until all groups are back.

Put tires back.

Mosey to flag for Mary.


Flutter Kick 27 IC

Freddy Mercury 20 IC

Rosalita 27 IC

Big Boys 10 OYO

and of course, everyone’s favorite…..BOAT CANOOOOEEEEEEE


Mud Run this Saturday.  NO WORKOUT AT SPEED TRAP! Convergence at Dutch Fork High School if you are not doing the Mud Run.

Here is the link to the Speed Trap email list.  Please feel free to add, delete or edit.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_gA0sga17kAi9pOvDFt_ySj8-42hVSVDUyLyNM762b0/edit?pli=1#gid=0

Please pray for Gun Show.  He heads off to Basic Training on Tuesday.

Deep thought with Rudy,

As I look back over my first year with F3 I think about how awesome this group is and how it has made me a better man.  I appreciate the friendships I’ve made, the fitness I have achieved and how this group has sharpened my Faith.  Thanks to all the men who make this “thang” happen.  I look forward to being part of F3’s growth in the years to come.

See Ya’ in the Gloom,





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