• When: 09/09/14
  • QIC: Stirrups & Rudy
  • The PAX: Rafter, Holy Water, Flux, Noodle, Oloff, Creol', Major Pain, Toothpick, Money Penny, Mungo, Fire Daddy, Dirt Bag, Mash, Sparky, Light Bill, Zamboni, Bud, Hall Pass, Mason, FNG Fire Plug (Joseph Horne)

Rudy & Stirrups tag team for Stirrups VQ for his 62nd B-day!! War Daddy!

23 PAX posted to celebrate Stirrups 62nd B-day!

Conditions: 67 and foggy

Stirrups lead the COP!

Imperial Walkers for Walker  31 IC

Hydraulic 20 IC

SSH  32 IC

LBC  32 IC

Little arm circles 15 each direction

Merkins 20 IC

Great job on your VQ Stirrups!

Rudy takes over.

Double Apple Sauce to the soccer field

Line up on end line

1 pax takes a shot on goal while another pax is goalie.

If you score we sprint to midfield and do 25 freddy mercuries

If you miss we sprint to the far end line and do 25 plank jacks

After about 8 of these we switched the exercises.

Goal = midfield and 5 burpies

Miss = far end line and 10 burpies.

After 2 or 3 goals I felt as though Pax were making it on purpose so I took a shot and what do you know, I shanked it and we had to sprint to the far end line.  Sorry Fellas’!

Double Apple Sauce back to shovel flag for Mary

Dealers choice for Mary

Boat Canoe (of course)

Russian Twist 20 IC

4 count squats 20 IC

Overhead arm claps 75 IC (guess who led this one)


Mud Run sign ups end Sept. 17th

Sept. 19th Tunnels to Towers 5K

Pray for David Pue battling cancer

Pray for Walker


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