• When: 09/09/14
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Snake, Estrada, Flip Flop, Spirit Fingers, Pac, julep, Tracy Gooding (FNG Paddlewhacker), Lemon, Rooney, Misty, Ponzi, Harp, Donatello, Shawn Sheriff (FNG Gomer), Ben Ross (FNG Bagger), Take-a-Number, Mac

There’s bears in them fields!

17 Faithful Pax gathered this morning to the gloom of the Snake Pit. YHC’s recon efforts last week provided me with one piece of Intel I had while planning this workout. Snakepit has a lot of stairs!!! Since these guys pounce up and down the stairs many times a week I thought I would be a nice guy and spare them the stairs for some down and dirty field work. Everyone gave great effort and I hope they felt the burn.

The Thang

Mosey through the parking lot towards stadium entrance (high knees, butt kicks)

Down the stairs and circle up



20 Windmill IC

20 Thru the Tunnel IC

25 IW IC


10 Little baby arm circles forward/backward IC

12 Merkin IC


Mosey to field

Line up on one one side

Sprint to other side

10 Merkins OYO

20 Hindu Squats OYO




Bear Crawl to other side

10 Derkins OYO

20  Alternating Lunges OYO

30 V-ups OYO



Straight leg Bear Crawl to other side (CROWD PLEASER)

The field seemed to double in size with the straight leg Bear Crawls 

10 Dive Bombers OYO

20  Jump Squats OYO

30 Twisting LBCs OYO


Had to call an audible here, left my Weinke on the other side of the field

Prisoner Lunges to other side

20 Burpees OYO


Mosey to corner of Track along fence.

The plan here was to wall sit with overhead claps but due to the lack of an actual wall we audibled to..

30 Overhead hand claps IC

Mosey around other side of track and back onto field

Count off into groups of 5…regroup into 4s

Plank in your group facing each other to form a tight circle

Each person does exercise then runs around circle and back to plank

Merkins 15-10-5

Shoulders are starting to burn…

Same thing with squat position..BUTTS DOWN!!!

Squats 15-10-5

Quads are really burning now…

Hydraulics x 30 IC

YHC thought he heard cries for mercy after we hit about 20


Mosey to bottom of stairs for…



15 Russian Twist IC


15 Freddy Mercurys IC

6″ till done


-This AO has a lot of potential with an endless amount of opportunities and a solid group of hard working guys.

-Tclaps to Take-a-Number for leading us in prayer and giving us a thoughtful devotion that gave us something to reflect on. “Carrying burdens for others”

-FNG name chains:

Tracy Gooding (HS Principal ->Mr. Belding is already taken -> Paddlewhacker)

Shawn Sheriff (In law enforcement -> Smokey -> likely taken -> Gomer)

Ben Ross (Golfer -> Bogey -> Bagger)


-This is the last week to order #WalkerStrong shirts. Email or DM Treadmill to place order with the group if you don’t use paypal.

-Spirit Fingers VQ on Thursday.

-There is a group meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:45 for a pre-workout run if anyone is interested.



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  1. Sounds like it was a great Q. Hate I missed. Next time for sure. Ps- tues/Thursday run group is 4:55. It is def a warm jog and not a Shawshank worthy sprint for 3 miles 😉

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