• When: 08/28/2014
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: Field Goal, Bing, Fenny, Bull Pen, All Clear, Yogi, Saw Dust, Meatball, Peachy, Bragger, Dirty Law, Knozit, GED, Buzz Saw, Bearded Lady, Optimus, Hot Spot, Melt Down, Gravedigger, JJ, Dirty Bomb, Hash & Rice, Lego, Half Empty, Quest, FNG – Bob The Builder

Pregame Warmup

Conditions – Clear w Waxing Crescent Moon with plenty of stars to be seen, 62 degrees, 88% humidity, 0% precipitation. I thought there was a slight breeze in the air, but I think it was Shawshank stridelite showing off before the gloom

The Thang – Pre game locker room speech (AKA, Disclaimer) and prayer
26 PAX showed up for Quest style first boot camp featuring 4 QTR’s of a solid arm sculpting. He squeezed what seemed like 60 minutes into 45 minutes for the ultimate pre game experience. All this in preparation for a 6:05 pm USC Kickoff…….Notice the 6:05 kick off can only mean we’ve got to get 605 reps in **Actual Reps, not counting IC** No Game is complete without a cop directing traffic into the parking lot, got that one covered too.

1st Qtr – Out of the tunnel to the 1st Soccer Field for the warm up / tear down, which consisted of :

SSH – 25 IC
Imperial Walkers – 30 IC
Little Arm Circles – 20 IC (both ways)
Through the Tunnel – 20 IC
Big Arm Circles – 20 IC (both ways)
LBC – 25 IC

Qtr 2 – Now that we understand their offensive game plan, let’s play some D

Wheel Barrow to the 2nd Light post
Merkin Pattycake – 15 IC (Crowd Favorite)
Iron Crosses – 27 OYO
Merkin Shoulder Press (Quest Creation) – 15 OYO

3rd Qtr – Nice half time break jog between the fields over to the Brick Pile

Curls for Girls – 20 IC
Reverse Curls – 20 IC
Hammer Curls – 20 IC
Shoulder round’ the world (another Quest creation???, not sure) – 20 IC
Tri Extension – 20 IC
Shoulder Press – 20 IC
Rear Delt – 10 IC
Tricep Kick Back – 20 IC

4th Qtr – We are too close for second string to come in, we have to keep going…PUSH IT!!!! Down by 4 with 10 minutes to go on their 44 yard line

Oh look in the distance, is that a Jacobs Ladder? Let’s do it

Burpies on the upper Deck, Carolina Dry docks on the Lower – starting with 7 counting down

Well we can’t leave the game with our heads down…..let’s finish out strong with and Indian Run back to the locker room.

Good Game PAX, we took it by 3 points today

COT & Announcements
Mud Run 10/4
Go Ruck 11/21, still time to HC
2nd run of Walker Strong Shirts will be ordered soon

Prayer Requests
– Continue to pray for Walker as well as Andy and Kerie
– Mr Smith / Been batteling Brain Tumor for over a 1 1/2. Has been doing well found out yesterday tumor has doubled in size.

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