• When: 09/16/14
  • QIC: Major Pain
  • The PAX: Peebles, Invert, Cut-Off, One Hit Wonder, Socrates, Fiji, The Rock, Duphrense, Spook, Ding-a-Ling, Sand Dollar, Convoy, Major Pain

One year down. Soccer fields and hills Oh my!

CantStopWontStop(2)13 Pax entered the Gloom without knowing it was YHC one year anniversary of my first post. Had to test the Pax and as always they proved up to the task. Great group of men.

The Thang:


Move to the Soccer fields in a light mosey

Circle up for COP

Imperial Walkers x 20IC

SSH x 20IC

Mt Climbers x 20IC

LBCs x 20IC

Count off 1,2

1s go to one sideline and 2s to the other. each group has a deck of playing cards and instructions. Flip a card do the exercise and then sprint accross the field and repeat. AMRAP x 23 min #CrowdPleaser

Consolidate both groups on the goal box and

Iron Crosses x25IC switch

1s sprint to opposite goal and back and then to the furthest goal on the second field and sprint back. while 2s AMRAP LBCs, switch when 1s finish

move to bottom of switchback hill

1s run to top and back while 2s AMRAP Merkins, then switch when 1s finish

Consolidate at the bottom of switchback hill and

Overhead Arm Claps x37IC

mosey back to parking lot for COT


Thanks to Mungo for the EH and to Napalm and Duphrense for the mentoring and support.

HDHH at British Bulldog Pub at 5:30 Wed

Swagger at #RIPBlockBuster M & W at 5:30 and Dunkin Donuts on Friday at 5:30; all ability groups welcome. come out and improve your aerobic capacity

Continue to pray for Stones.

We need more Qs here at #Strut, sign-up . Co-Q if that makes it easier.

Prayer by Peebles


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