• When: 9/16/14
  • QIC: Nail Pop
  • The PAX: Treadmill, Candystripe, Ken Doll, Pole Dance, Mayhem, Meatball, Blue Screen, Scooper, Pom Pom, Swiper, Higgins, Nail Pop

A VQ That Proved To Be #WALKERSTRONG From “The Apologetic Q”

Written by and posted for Nail Pop

12 posted Turning Point for a full body workout or at least that’s how YHC’s body feels.

Condition: Muggy and Sweaty

Disclaimer & BOM: Prayer by Nail Pop for the workout and thankful for our freedom to do what we do each and every day.

The Thang

Mosey to the basketball court next to the play ground area and circle up.

SSH x 15 IC

Merkins X 15 IC

Flutter Kicks X 15 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles X 15 IC (forwards and then backwards)

Overhead Arm Claps X 15 IC

Mosey to the track – (this is when it got interesting, obviously YHC didn’t major in Math)

Split up in TEAMS of 3, yes I said TEAMS.  There’s no I in TEAM as we all know, so we’re going to do this together and no one should leave anyone behind.

Corner One – 15 regular merkins, 15 LBC’s, and 15 jump lunges

Corner Two –  15 diamond merkins, 15 LBC’s, and 15 jump lunges

Corner Three – 15 shoulder slap merkins, 15 LBC’s, and 15 jump lunges

Corner Four – 15 wide arm merkins, 15 LBC’s, and 15 jump lunges

Run the long and short sides of the track until you get to the next station.  AMRAP for 10 minutes.

Mosey to the Big Hill at the end of the field/track.

Sprint up the hill the first time and bear crawl all the way across the basketball court.  Gloves were a good thing to have which YHC and a few other didn’t have, whoops.  Plank when you are finished.

Spring up the hill the second time and crab walk all the way across the basketball court.  Plank when you are finished.

We ran 4 more hills at your own speed, but everyone did really well and pushed their selves.

Mosey to the middle of the track and line up along the side of the field.

Prison Lunge all the way across the field (short ways, but it felt like a good distance).

Wojo Slide all the way back on YHC’s call and a few pauses were mixed in to make it a little more enjoyable.  We switched directions half way across the field to work the other side of the legs.  It was a nice burn for all.

Partner up and wheel barrow half way across the field and then swap and head back to the track.

Mosey to the school and enjoy a 2 minute wall sit and 1 minute of Balls to the wall.

YHC was pressed for time, so we jogged back to the starting location and ended with 1 minute of Imperial Walkers for Walker.  Thanks Treadmill for leading that exercise.

COT & BOM – Prayer led by Pole Dance.


Great work by all and seemed like everyone got better today.  This AO could use some EHing, so let’s get some FNG’s or maybe some other PAX to come and try out Turning Point because it’s a great AO.  Thanks for letting me lead today brothers.


– Tunnel to Towers this Friday night

– Hurricane Hike this Saturday

– Goruck – Still time to HC

– Mud Run – October 4th

– Prayer request – Continue to pray for Walker’s recovery, specifically for his Speech and eating function to come back.

– Pray for Swiper’s mother-in-law, she is having a nerve block done on her back today.  Her name is Joyce.



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