• When: 10/21/14
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: Sparky, Light Bill, Flux, Rudy, Buud, Creole, FNG-Trebek (Dale Gooding), Dirt Bag, Hall Pass, Fire Daddy, Rafter, Stirrups, Church Lady, TNT, Money Penny, Howler, Toothpick.

Logs and Some GoRuckin’ Fun at Speedtrap

17 PAX were unaware that Speedtrap now had some new “toys” in the form of big, heavy logs (thanks Napalm). YHC decided that it was time to try them out (after the obligatory PT test of course). The mumble chatter was sporadic as we lunged, carried & merkin’d our way through another GoRuck workout at Speedtrap. YHC thinks he heard something to the effect of “man, I’ll be glad when GoRuck is complete…” And it wasn’t from a PAX signed up to participate on 11/21.

Conditions: 52 and cool

The Thang:

Very Quick COP
SSH x 15 IC
Through the Tunnel x 15 IC
Lil’ Arm Circles x 15 IC/change directions x 15 IC

Partner up for PT Test:
AMRAP in 2:00 PU-flip/flop
AMRAP in 2:00 SU-flip/flop

At the COT I heard some nice numbers from a lot of guys who’ve been posting regularly-it’s paying off men-keep up the good work!

Those with rucks-ruck up…those without, run to get cinder blocks and meet ruck crew at lower parking lot.

Form a line across parking lot.

Teamwork emphasis. With rucks or cinder blocks.
Group lunges (stay together) 50 yds
Rucks overhead-group lunges (stay together) 50 yds
Merkin chain-two lines feet on the shoulders of the man behind you. x10 IC

Divide into 4 teams;

Teams 1 & 2-grab logs-shoulder carry to hand off to teams 3 & 4
Flip flop this time w/ logs overhead
Flip flop this time w/ logs carried in front (curl style)

GoRuck crew grab two cinder blocks and return to block pile. Block crew run back to flag and begin Mary. The goal was to simulate heavy carry while under ruck. This one was a #crowdpleaser as it was a good hike back to the block pile.

GoRuck crew run back to flag for COT.


Continue to pray for the Phillips family-they are back but still have a ways to go.

Welcome FNG-Dale Gooding. Friend of Creole and a local pastor. When asked to say something about himself, Creole chimed in with “he sure knows alot of stuff.” Wikipedia>Webster>Alex Trebek>Trebek.

YHC put Trebek on the spot (I was unprepared today) for our group devotional. Physical fitness without God and the right intent is just vanity. Being “in shape” is great but make sure that you aren’t missing the other things in life that make you healthy from a spiritual standpoint.

Light Bill VQ Thursday-BE THERE!!!

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