• When: 10/21/14
  • QIC: Phonebooth
  • The PAX: Queenie, Eh!, Moonshine, Swampy, R2D2, Pony, Diesel, Shakespeare, C3PO, EOB, Rust, Magoo, A1A, Scotchguard, Phonebooth

Dude, Seriously? More pushups after a PT Test???

15 Pax rolled into the gloom at Foxhole for their monthly PT Test and a small pushup-fest with YHC. The only mumblechatter came from R2D2 this morning, but we all know that he is the only one who goes home after bootcamp and does more pushups. The Pax were none to excited about the combining a football field, 5 yard lines, pushups, and YHC’s painful imagination. All that being said, we all focused on Getting Better together today.

Conditions: 57 degrees, wet grass, and a sprinkler surprise

– Windmill x 10 IC
– Through the Tunnel x 10 IC
– SSH x 10 IC
– Little Arm Circles x 10 (Forward/Back) IC

<strong>Partner up for PT Test, move to Football Practice Field
– Explained the PT test, rules, starting/rest positions
– 2 min Pushups then swap with Partner for 2 min of Pushups
– 2 min of BBS then swap with Parther for 2 min of BBS

Staying with Partner, move to Goal line:
– Each man does 50 Werkins (wide arm)
– With partner, wheel barrel to 50 yd line, then swap, other man wheel barrels to other goal line. Go to Bear crawl if you need to.
– Each man does 50 BBS
– Plank waiting on the 6
– Each man does 50 Derkins (diamond)
– With Partner, wheel barrel to 50 yd line, then swap, other man wheel barrels to other goal line. Go to Bear crawl if you need to.
– Each man does 50 Iron Crosses

Everyone moves back to the goal line:
– Sprint to 5 yd line, do 5 Merkins
– Sprint to 10 yd line, do 5 Merkins
– Sprint to 15 yd line, do 5 Merkins
– And so on all the way down to the other goal line to equal 100 Merkins

Mosey to Shovel Flag for BOM

Moleskin: All of the Pax did a great job today with the PT test. Lots of good numbers out there. Keep pushing yourselves to beat your scores from today’s PT Test. Pull-ups, Dips, and plain old Merkins are the best way to improve your pushups. I haven’t found much outside of BBS that will improve your BBS numbers. I am putting a challenge in front of all of you today. Give your self a number of Merkins and BBS to do every day (or days that end in “Y”) between now and the PT test next month and you will absolutely get better scores next month. Do them every night before you go to bed. Focus on your form and going slow. It will work wonders for you scores. Will you accept the challenge to #GetBetter? I am calling you out!

Devotional: Be Confident in God’s Strength – by Rick Warren
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NASB)

God wants you confident in the truth that, through him, all things are possible.

Every day of your life, you have a choice:
– You can focus on the obstacles before you, or …
– You can be confident in the truth that God is pouring his strength into you.

Today, you may be facing giants that challenge your faith. Some of the giants crowd around you — giants of time and energy, finances and resources, fear and faithlessness.

God wants you confident that he’s pouring his strength into you so you can do whatever it takes to overcome these obstacles. He says you can take possession of your promised mission; you can be certain you can do it because God is strengthening you.

Consider this: God wants to build up your faith, and one way he’ll do it is by showing you how, together with him, it is possible to defeat the giants that keep you from moving into your promised mission.


– Need a Q for Saturday at Foxhole. Do a co-Q or do your VQ, but please step up. We all have great ideas for workouts which is one of the reasons F3 is so awesome. You never get the same kind of workout with each Q so it keeps it interesting. Stand up and give your F3 brothers a great pain session this Saturday.
– Gov Cup Preview run this Saturday at 5:30am, meeting at the State House downtown.
– GoRuck training this Saturday at the old Blockbuster in Irmo. Wheels up at 5:30am
– Prayer group this Saturday at Foxhole, 5:45am. Come out and join us to get your weekend started right.

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