• When: 10/21/14
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Mule, Snake, Chinstrap, Mac, Tri-Delta, Wedgie, Harp, Bunny Slope, Verizon, Fife, Bagger, Rooney

Wedgie’s Weekly Story Time

Knowing a PT test loomed in the gloom, YHC went to bed without preparing his Weinke hoping he’d be able to wing it for the short period of time remaining after the PT test. Fortunately YHC posted at Stridelite which allowed a few minutes of leisurely stroll to allow for him to gather a few thoughts in his head. What didn’t help is finding out that the un-recognized PAX that posted is NOT an FNG as originally thought (he parked in a different spot than we normally do) but actually one of the original 20 PAX that started F3 Columbia (welcome to SnakePit Mule). YHC’s mind immediately went into a FAST MOSEY mode to ensure today’s beat-down met the high level standards set by the PAX at Brickpile. Based on the Mumble Chatter, or should I say Whining, I do believe YHC met that challenge.




Mosey to field between parking lot and Platt Springs road
SSH x21 IC
IW x20 IC
TTT x20 IC
WM x20 IC
Hip Circles x20 IC (10 each direction)
LBAC x24 IC (12 forward/12 backward)
BBAC x16 IC (8 forward/8 backward)

Mosey to main football field
Circle up and count off by 2’s.
Pair up with partner and receive instruction for Merkin portion PT test
1’s 2:00 Merkin AMRAP
2’s Count reps for 1’s

Receive instruction for BBSU portion of PT test
1’s 2:00 BBSU AMRAP
2’s Count reps for 1’s

PT test results can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?pli=1&key=0AhHco_4u69AsdDhGZUIyYTdHT2NpcUhPNXU0YkhKZ2c&f=true&noheader=true&gid=0

Mosey to side line
1’s Hash mark Suicides
2’s Flutter kick until 1’s return

1’s Hash mark Suicides
2’s Mountain Climbers until 1’s return

Mosey to outside wall of locker room
1 minute People’s Chair while Wedgie told a story to take the PAX’s mind off the pain
Rinse and Repeat

Balls to the Wall- YHC unable to see his watch while performing this exercise so we held it until only a few PAX were still holding the position- TCLAPS to PAX for not cracking the pavement due to falling head first.

Mosey to base of the corner stairs
Ascend stairs IN CADENCE on YHC command of “step” “step” “step”. After 2 landings, YHC called an audible as this exercise definitely looked better on paper, or in his head in this case, as no pain was being felt.
Suicide stairs- last and final flight every step needed to be touched


-Remember the PAX participating in the Spartan races this weekend

BOM: Chinstrap

MOLESKIN: After seeing the #’s declining over the past few weeks, YHC was pleased to see the trend reverse route. Goes to show YHC how hungry these PAX really are, not just for bettering our bodies physically but also spiritually. Also every PAX, except YHC, reported improvements in PT test results. Something has to be being done right. TCLAPS to all.

DEVOTION: YHC just spoke from his heart about “WHY we come to F3 and how F3 is MUCH more than just a workout for him.

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