• When: 09/13/2014
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: Roommate, EZ, Queenie, Crash, Brother Si, Chernobyl, Magoo, FNG Bumblebee, Home Wrecker, Eh?, JD, Lead Belly, Selfie, Silverfish, Stagecoach, Diesel, Moonshine, C3P0, Tricycle, Rocketman

It’s A Block Party!

A Pothole workout + a full hour on Saturday = negative mumble chatter.

20 Pax, including 1 FNG, rolled into the gloom at Depot on a warm Saturday morning for an hour worth of pain and misery at the hand of Pothole.  YHC delivered a mumble chatter killer…complete with a #crowdpleaser – the Hodor.

Conditions: warm and humid

The Thang:
Mosey to brickpile and grab a cinder block.  Get real comfy with your cinder block because you won’t let it go until after the workout.

Complete “The Hodor”

Hodor is this really creepy simpleton on Game of Thrones whose only job is to carry around this crippled little prince named Bran.  Oh, and all he says is his name: Hodor.  So…lift Bran…put him on his back…put him down…pick him up…run with him…etc, etc…you get the point.  That’s his life.

With your cinder block held out in front of you, squat until the block touches the ground, stand, tricep extension the block over your head to your back, squat, stand, bring the block back in front of you.  That’s one.
Do this X 30
Run, with your block, 1 lap around the track.

Mosey to the upper soccer field.  Remember, all exercises done with your block.

Line up along the sidelines elbow width apart from the person next to you

Staggered Merkins X 15 left side IC; X 15 right side IC
Russian Twists x 20 IC
Bench Press X 15 IC
Flutter Kicks X 20 IC
Inchworm (with blocks) to the center of the field X OYO
Frog jump over your block, move the block back in front of you, frog jump over block…continue back to the sideline X OYO
Indian Bear Crawl…with blocks – line up close (shoulder to shoulder).  Place your block on the ground.  Person on the end passes his block down the line and bear crawls to the front to receive his block.  Next person goes.  After one rep, switch sides.  X 2 reps
Spread out for…
Incline Merkins X 15 IC
Decline Merkins X 15 IC
Inchworm to the center of the field X OYO
Squats X 15 OYO
Lunge walk back to the sideline.  Hold your block like a rifleman carry (arms at 90 deg)
Cinder Block Patty Cake – sit with your legs out and block to your right.  Grab your block and move it to your left.  Turn and touch the ground on your right.  Turn and grab your block and move it to your right.  Turn and touch the ground on your left.  That’s one.  X 20 reps OYO
Indian Bear Crawl back along the sideline to the initial starting point

Mosey back to the brick pile and put your blocks away

Circle up for some dealers choice Mary/Pain-ment: Roommate – Flutters, Home Wrecker – burpees, C3P0 – oblique dips, JD – jump squats

Wipe the sweat off and mosey back to the shovel flag.

COT, Name-O-Rama, BOM

Name chain: Brett Varner > works at SCE&G > transformers > Optimus = too cool > Bumblebee

– The Hodor was a hit.  Definitely here to stay.
– A lot of great effort by all the PAX

– New AO at Dutch Fork HS Tuesday at 0515.  Meet in the lower lot.  At the red light at Koon Rd, proceed straight through and follow the road down to the right to the lower parking lot.
– Depot will still be at 0530
– Depot Saturday workouts will be at 0630; Dutch Fork Saturday workout will be at 0615
– Tunnel to Tower 5k.  Check the Pre-Blast
– Last few days to sign up for the Mud Run
– Sign up starts for the Palmetto 200 (P200). Mungo is the Q for Lake Murray; Homewrecker is Q for Columbia.  March 21, 2014.  Sign up now before October to save money!!
– C3P0 is initiating a prayer group.  Details to follow.

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