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  • QIC: Queenie
  • The PAX: 25 Pax - Coppertone, Tricycle, EOB, Uncle Rico, C3PO, Stagecoach, ScotchGuard, Plan B, Gerrymander, Aye, JD, Outhouse, Maury, Rust, Uno, Brother Si, Napalm, Swampy, Moonshine, Pony, Magoo, Multiply, Diesel, Pajanimal & Queenie

The Exploration of Lake Murray’s Newest AO Has Begun – But What’s the Name?

DFHS Day oneThe new AO at Dutch Fork High School was christened in the gloom of 9/16.  25 Pax chose to start their day with a little exploration of this new land in what some termed the sauna.  What they found was not a walk in the park but a pain session of unknown adventure.  The land is wide and deep and holds endless possibilities. Glad to be the regions newest place to Get Better and Be Better

Weather:  72 Degrees – 95% Humidity – Sticky – like a Sauna

The Thang – Sept 16, 2014
To the Soccer Field – Circle Up
Imperial Walker – IC X 20
SSH – IC X 20
Merkins OYO X 20 – head up
To the Plaza
3 Laps around
Dips   20
Decline Merkins 20
Step Ups – 20 Each Leg
Squats   40
To the Track
50 yard sprint – do 25 BB Situps and Back with 25 BB Situps
50 yard sprint – do 10 Burpees and Back with 10 Burpees
To the Tires
4 or 5 to a tire – carry them down and back
Indian Run to front of School
To the Front of the School
Peoples Chair Partner Merkins – 60 sec
To the Corner of Koon Road
Plank Jack – OYO X 20 – head up
Arm Circles – IC X 20 – Forward then 20 backward
Mosey Back to the Flag
Devo  – Hebrews 13:16

MoleSkin:  So much to report – Read Napalm’s email. The MudRun is less than 3 weeks away.   Be sure to remember that DFHS meets at 5:15 on Tuesday and Thursday and 6:15 on Saturday.  At 5:45 AM on Saturday there will be a time of prayer at DFHS. We can lift up special requests and hear some words from our brothers.  #Depot and others are welcomed to attend also. —-Remember 2nd F this Thursday at British Bulldog on Bower Parkway at 5:30 PM.   Join in the fun.


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