• When: 02/04/15
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: Slim Jim, Booster, LaMont, Meltdown, Flo, GED, Pebbles

Humpday Happy 3/4 Hour

7 PAX conquered the fartsack Wednesday morning for a partial repeat Q at the hands of YHC. The wind brought the cold, the Q brought the suck, and the PAX brought the downPAINment.

Conditions: 28°

IW 20 IC
Squat 20 IC
Lil Arm Circle 20 IC (10 each)
Merkins onQ 10 (slow)

10 Around the world each way
20 KB swings
+2 Burpees for bell drops

Circle up facing out for Ring of Fire: 4-3-2-1
Swings (rest is squat)
Dead lifts (rest is bent over)
Flutter Kicks (4-ct) (rest is SI)

Circuit 1 (repeated from last week)
KB swing // 20
Squat // 20
5 Merkins
R&R, -5 each set (as follows)
15 swing // 15 squat // 5 Merkins
10 swing // 10 squat // 5 Merkins
5 swing // 5 squat // 5 Merkins

Circuit 2 (same format)
Napalm // 20
Oblique Lean // 20 (each side)
5 Merkins
R&R, -5 each set

10 Flutter Kick IC
10 Hello Dolly IC
10 Rosalita IC
10 Hello Dolly IC
10 Flutter Kick IC
10 Russian Twist IC



Glad to see the numbers perking up and some new faces at #Anchor. Its always a blast!
T-Claps to LaMont for stepping up to Q next week.


  • February 7: Convergence at SnakePit, 7am. If you haven’t been to SnakePit, located at White Knoll High School, you’re missing out on a great AO. This convergence also offers a great DoubleDown opportunity as several pax are participating on The Go Run 5k at 9am. Register here.
  • February 28: Lexington Race Against Hunger. 10K starts at 8:20. Plenty of time to post at 6:15 or 6:30 boot camp. Another DoubleDown opportunity. Register here: Register here
  • March 7: One Year Anniversary Convergence at Graveyard. While March 1 marks the 1-yr anniversary of Graveyard, we’ll celebrate on Saturday, 3/7. New goal: 175 pax! Get the EH machine rolling.
  • April 11: Ultimate Challenge Mud Run. This is F3’s Super Bowl. DO NOT register on the mud run site. F3 will have a special link with which to register. Quisenberry has stepped up to be the F3 Mud Run QIC. This is a huge task. Thanks Quisenberry. Also, No Show has agreed to be the LEX Mud Run Region Q, and R2D2 is the Lake Murray Region Q. Preblast coming soon.
  • May 1: GORUCK Custom Light. Preblast here

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