• When: 10/14/2014
  • QIC: MoneyPenny
  • The PAX: Church Lady, Howler, Rudy, Light Bill, Toothpick, Dirt Bag, Creole, Flux, Rafter, Smithers, Chef, Buud, Mungo, Firedaddy, Moneypenny

GoRuck Training Intensified

Conditions: 68 degrees, partly cloudy, perfect morning for F3

The Thang:

Jog to blockpile and everyone grab a block. Head to softball field.

Warm up COP
– Explain that holding your block over your head is the new waiting position in lieu of the plank
– SSH: x20 IC
– IW: x20 IC
– Good Morning: x20 IC
– Squat to Shoulder Press x20 oyo
– Forearm Curls x20 oyo

Ring of fire
– Everyone holds their block overhead while we take turns sprinting around circle with block in hand. ROF is done when all have run one lap around the circle.

Jog to playground, count off by fours, four stations as follows:
– Burpee to Pull Up x10
– Bent over rows x25
– Merkins x20 (if you don’t have a ruck do split merkins on your block)
– Shoulder to Shoulder Press x20

Grab blocks and head back to softball field, 1’s go to 1st base, 2’s to 2nd base, etc
– Home plate to 1st base to 2nd base: bear crawl
– 2nd to 3rd: crab walk
– 3rd to home: lunge
– 2 reps all the way around

Return blocks to block pile then head back to shovel flag for Mary
– Flutter Kick x25 IC: Moneypenny
– Overhead Arm Claps x30 IC: Toothpick
– Go, Down, Backs x1 min: Creole
– Superman/Banana x1 min: Firedaddy

– Pray for the family of Josh Monts who lost his life in a car accident on Wessinger Road over the weekend.
– Swagger meets M, W, F and Mungo will meet at Get & Go at 5:05 if you want to ride with him.
– Mungo is looking for two more for Palmetto 200. See him if you want to HC.


Devotional: Mark 6:34, be a leader

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