• When: 11/15/14
  • QIC: Take-a-Number
  • The PAX: Septic, Blue Screen, Mac, Quarantine, Fracture, Wagon Wheel, Nikita, Meltdown, Freon, Breakfast Club, Take-a-number, FNG Cody Crossley (Hey Boo Boo)  (Core: Nikita/Meltdown)

Frostbite was the 4th F

Although I didn’t Q this workout I am writing the backblast because Take-a-Number’s fingers have not thawed out enough yet. Well he wrote the parts about exercising and stuff but I’m going to write the funniest jokes in between that will make it sound like this workout was actually fun and not torture.

The weather: COLD…28 degrees

The Thang:

So first we danced around and shivered in the parking lot and got a little second F in then we moseyed around the lot.

COP – all IC
SSH x 30
Merkins x10
Thru-the-tunnel x 20
WindMill x 15
Little Arm Circles (FOLLOW DIRECTIONS)
OK, so this is the part where Soup Nazi, as Blue Screen so affectionately called him, punished us for recovering without his blessing. At this point the Pax was scared to recover from any of the exercises without getting the ok from Groot, I mean T-A-N.
Merkins x 10
LBC’s x 20
mosey to wall
Inclined Merkins
Wall Dips
Declined Merkins
Leg Extensions
Side Dips
Leg Extensions
Run to bricks
Everyone Plank while each man runs to get bricks individually.
Curls for the girls
Side lifts
Front Lifts
Tricep Extension
Choppin Wood Left/Right
Curls for the girls….til everyone screams (I think someone called me a bas**rd)
Core, break off….everyone else line up on the goal line
One man runs to the end of field with bricks while every one else does the called exercise
 FNG Name chain:  Cody Crossley (Graduating Gilbert, Wrestles)
Nikita: You Wrestle?
Cody: Yeah
Nikita: Humans?
Cody: Mainly
Nikita: Wrestle Steers?
Cody: No…but a bear once!
Random Pax: Kodiak!
Nikita: Pink Kodiak. Has to be pink in there.
Cody: Hey Boo-Boo
Nikita: Yogi!! Check if it’s taken.
Consensus: Yogi is taken…official name is “Hey Boo-Boo”
  • T-claps to Take-a-number on an excellent Q. He always manages to ignore the mumblechatter and deliver the pain.
  • Kotters to Nikita. Good to see you back in the gloom.
  • Awesome science lesson on transfer of heat as the bricks were like ice blocks that eventually left your fingertips useless. Spent 20 minutes trying to untie my shoelaces when I got home.

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