• When: 10/04/14
  • QIC: Chernobyl
  • The PAX: Socrates, A1A, Eh, Breakfast Club, Leadbelly, Smithers, Fiji, Selfie, Diesel, Chernobyl

Four Corners Comes to Foxhole

12 pax from five different AO’s came early (6:15 am) on a cool Saturday morning to test their endurance on YHC’s version of The Four Corners. Hopefully everyone finished feeling like they got their money’s worth.

Conditions: 64 degrees with stars everywhere.

The Thang: Disclaimer (no FNG’s).

Mosey from parking lot to lighted area near stadium and circle up for warm-up:

  • SSH x 21 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 21 IC
  • TTT x 19 IC
  • Finger tip Squats x 20 IC
  • High plank with Merkins and low planks, etc. for two minutes (CF). Explained Big Boy Merkins here.
  • BBC (Big Boy Crunch–hands behind head feet at six inches; bring knees up and touch elbows to Knees) x 20 IC

Head to stairs and single file two steps at a time walk up stairs. Run to parking lot in front of stadium for fun…

  • Curb Merkins x 20 (5 in each direction rotating around curb: incline, right arm/leg on curb, decline, left arm/leg on curb) OYO, Plank when done.
  • Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
  • Arm Circles (Big to Small) x 20 IC (follow Q on size, and change direction on Q)

Follow Q to landing between stairs…

  • Bench Dips x 20 IC
  • LBC x 20 IC

Head to track. Buddy up for Iron Crosses x 10 IC (CF)

Four Corners–Q set up Orange cones on the track opposite goal lines on football field.

  • Kick off return (sprint) 100 yards to next cone,
  • drop and do 15 BBM (Big Boy Merkins–all the way down and touch chest/chin),
  • jog the turn to next cone,
  • drop and do 15 BBC (see above for explanation);
  • Kick off return to the next cone for 15 BBM,
  • jog the turn to next cone for 15 BBC.

Rinse and repeat x 4 to complete one mile run/sprint, 120 BBM’s and 120 BBC’s.

Finish up with Dealer’s Choice Mary. Unfortunately, Elvis decided to make an appearance at this time for YHC, so I didn’t get the list of exercises.



Great job by the pax! I apologize for my delay in getting the BB published. To be honest, I totally forgot about it. Also, I missed two of the pax. If anyone reads this and knows who they are, either feel free to add them, or let me know and I’ll add them. Thanks for understanding, and see you in the gloom…


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