• When: 10/30/14
  • QIC: Say What?!
  • The PAX: Yellow Cake, Socrates, Sled, Say What

CORE comes to Lexington

4 PAX posted for the launch of the first CORE workout in Lexington. With the number of PAX on the DL and looking for less strain on the joints, including YHC, we felt it was a great time to make sure we didn’t get too used to an extra hour of sleep nor revert back to #SadClown status (which, in YHC’s opinion, seems much worse once you know what it’s like to have beat that #Sadclown down for months).

Remember: The *CORE* workout is still boot camp but with reduced running between exercises. This is a great workout for rookies, pax with knee problems, pax who hate running, etc. We will still focus on a total body workout focusing greatly on exercises aimed at the core. This will be a great opportunity to join or introduce new guys to the F3 experience! We will meet at 0515 on T/Th and 0615 on Sat at RBHS main entrance with F3 Crypt, then break off for CORE workout.

Disclaimer & Opening prayer with #Crypt

Ironically “Run” slowly (aka ‘slowzy’) to Super-Secret Field of Dreams

Grab bricks and circle up for COP
SSH x 25 IC
Windmill x 25 IC
LBAC x 15 IC (forward)
Overhead Claps x 25 IC
LBAC x 15 IC (backwards)
IW x 25 IC
TTT x 25 IC

Bring on the ‘little’ bricks
Merkins (on bricks) x 15 IC
Curls for the Girls x 25 IC
Shoulder Press x 25 IC
Bent Over Fly x 10 IC
Triceps Ext. x 15 IC
Napalm’s 6ct x 10 IC
Return bricks

Slowzy to Cinder Blocks
“John Cusaac” (Carry cinder blocks overhead) to rock wall
Two step, step ups (using CB) x 40 IC
Leg Extensions off the wall 20 IC
Bent Over Row x 20 (right arm)
Bent Over Row x 20 (left arm)
Leg Extensions off the wall 20 IC
Chest Press x 20 IC (groundless Merkins)
Leg Extensions off the wall 20 IC
Inclined Merkins x 10 IC
LBC (feet on the wall) x 20 IC
Inclined Merkins x 10 IC
LBC (feet on the wall) x 15 IC
Inclined Merkins x 10 IC
LBC (feet on the wall) x 10 IC
Inclined Merkins x 10 IC
LBC (feet on the wall) x 11 IC
Inclined Merkins x 10 IC

Say What?!?! We ran out of time…

“John Cusaac” to return cinder blocks

Slowzy back to join #Crypt for COT, BOM & Devotion

#Tclaps to Sled for catching the redeye, sneaking past border security, and making it all the way to RBHS for the CORE-Lex launch
#Tclaps also to Pepto and other Crypt PAX for welcoming and supporting the new CORE workout (took a little coordination)

Don’t register for April MudRun yet. Wait for F3 time.
P200 teams are formed(ing)
Governor’s Cup
Paddy Packs in December
Christmas Party Dec 19th.

Prayer Requests:
Breakfast club will be heading to Delaware for his mom’s funeral. He asks we keep his dad in our prayers as he starts a new journey in life after 44 years of marriage.

Devotional by Pepto:
Matthew 6:25-34
Pepto spoke of God’s gentle nudging after reading the book radical. We live too much for ourselves and not for others. He felt God’s nudge to simplify his life and shrink his mortgage responsibility. This opened up a new source of income for whatever God desires, we don’t know if there are times of trouble or other things that God has in plan for us, but whatever it is God is in it. The new house, the price, the sale of Pepto’s house (4 days start to finish), and the closings all worked without any issues. When it’s God’s plans, it all goes well. When it’s not God’s plans we usually have to force it with many bumps in the road. We need to listen to God and follow and do as he asks. Don’t fight it. It might not be a house or a car, but the voice is always there. Be open to change.

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  1. Core is a great workout, and Say What did a good job bringing the pain on Thursday. Enjoyed hanging with the Crypt guys on my first visit to their workout. Thank goodness I had a smooth connecting flight, and the border guys were apparently on coffee break when I crossed the border. I look forward to coming back.

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