• When: 11/08/14
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: Swampy, JD, Bogie, Light Bill, Deisle, Sparky, Stagecoach, Uncle Rico, EZ, Selfie, Holy Water, Zamboni, Socrates, Eh!?, Roommate, Pebbles

Clarification, haters ARE going to hate.

15 PAX met in the gloom of Fox Hole behind Dutch Fork awaiting the Q from down the way. It would be YHC’s first visit to the AO and what a memorable one it would be…


Warm up lap.

20 IW IC
20 Squat IC
Commence Quickie Shoulderpalooza (arms stay above 90°)
20 O-head Claps IC
10 Lil Arm Circles IC
10 Reverse Arm Circles IC
10 O-Head Arm Clap IC
10 Roof Raises IC
end Shoulderpalooza
20 Flutter Kicks IC
10 Merkins IC

Count Off 1-2
Circle up for Rings of Fire:
One man does 5 reps of an exercise then makes a lap around the group while all others hold position. CLARIFICATION: Next man begins reps immediately after previous man finishes reps – you don’t have to wait for previous man to finish his lap, just reps. Repeat circuit at 10 reps, then 15 reps. Recover, then switch to next exercise.
Squat / Hold Squat
Merkins / Hold high plank
Flutter Kick / Hold SI

Half parking lot lap to practice feild

In honor of our brothers participating in either half or full marathons today, the following exercises were done in sets of 13 and 26. Begin on sideline. Sprint across the feild, 13reps/26reps. R&R AMRAP for 4 minutes per circuit.

Circuit #1: Merkin/Mountain Climber
Circuit #2: Double High Knees/Squat
Circuit #3: Russian Twist/LBCs

Mosey/Jog to the short stairs/hill

Top: 5 Merkins (+5 each round)
Bottom: 25 Calf-raises on curb (constant)
5 minutes AMRAP

Mosey/Jog back to the practice field

Line up on goal line.
100 yard sprint
100 yard Men-in-Tights skip
100 yard backward run

Circle up for MARY

20 Slow Cock Roaches
The following exercises back-to-back without letting feet down:
Hello Dolly 10 IC
Rosalita 10 IC
Hello Dolly 5 IC
Rosalita 5 IC
Flutter Kick 10 IC
Hold SI…. Recover
20 Russian Twist IC
Low Plank 90 seconds (Shake it off)



Prayer Requests:
Leadbelly’s foot recovery.
Napalm’s father-in-law.
Roommate’s son (kidney stone needs to pass)

Upcoming Events:
November 21, 2014: Columbia/LakeMurray
Custom GORUCK Challenge
November 28, 2014: Families Helping
Families Telethon with WIS-TV
December 11, 2014: BIRCH Christmas
December 19, 2014: Lexington Christmas
March 20-21, 2015: Palmetto 200 Relay

In doing the Fuel Challenge, I blew the cheat meal off the map Thursday — pretty sure I ingested more calories in a one hour span than I had in the previous 2 days (if you’re looking for the gritty details, check myfitnesspal). But, it was a good reminder of just how easy it is to take in WAY more than is needed when we’re not monitoring. To go all SoCratesy for a second, the same is true of life.

When we don’t pay attention to what we’re ingesting visually and audibly — from movies, TV, and the web — it is easy to let the guard down just a little and let things in that we perhaps aught not. And while that one meal may not be entirely destructive in itself, if given leave, it could quite easily, and quickly, develop into a pattern of consistent gluttony which, if left unchecked, would eventually lead to serious health issues. The same is true of what we watch, think, and say. We may not see the destruction initially, but over time we could be killing ourselves.

Matthew 6:22-23 “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

Let your light be healthy, and let it shine.

Thanks for the warm welcome out to Fox Hole. I had a lot of fun, hope you all did as well. Remember, if it isn’t hard, it isn’t worth it. Great work, great crowd, good mumble chatter — CLARIFICATION, great mumble chatter.

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