• When: 12/13/14
  • QIC: Alter Boy
  • The PAX: Garmin, Pothole, Loose Screw, Columbo, Sand Dollar, Convoy, Futon, Kipper, Smokey, Tuff Guy, Slim Jim, Ramblin' Wreck, Enos, Ginger, Fiji

Christmas Party for Strut Brigade and The Herd at Jumanji

16 men from the Strut Brigade and The Herd converged at Jumanji today to join forces for a special Christmas celebration. With Christmas being 12 days away, it was only appropriate to celebrate the coming holiday with an old traditional song. But this version did not include “Lords ‘a Leaping” or “Maids ‘a Milking”…but rather painstations intended on strengthening the pax and not comforting them. While we didn’t have a French Hen or any Geese ‘a Laying, there was a crow that swooped down to eat a pack of crackers that had been run over by a car in the parking lot.

Conditions: Cool and Crisp. Evidently not cold based on Garmin’s apparel.

Flag presentation from Strut Brigade to Jumanji. Led by Fiji. T-claps to Pothole for designing and painting a great design for the shovel.

jumanji sf

Partner up. Strut Brigade pax partner up with pax from The Herd

BOM led by Alter Boy

The Thang

Mosey to front of school

SSH X 12
Windmill.s X 12
Lil Arm Circles X 12 F & X 12 B
Imperial Walkers X 12
Squats X 12
Mtn climbers X 12
LBC’s X 12
Merkins X 12
Bicycle crunches X 12
Carolina drydocks X 12
Flutter kicks X 12
Decline merkins X 12
Iron crosses X 12

Strings of Fire
Run 30 yards – 12 jump squats
Run 30 yards – 12 merkins
Run 30 yards – 12 reverse crunches

Rinse and repeat X 3


12 Days of Christmas

1 lap around the parking lot
2 Turkish get-ups
3 4-ct Imperial Walkers
4 Jungle Boi squats
5 Burpees!
6 BB sit-ups
7 4-ct Russian twists
8 Jump squats
9 4-ct LBCs
10 bench dips
11 4-ct mountain climbers
12 8-ct body builders

Run back to parking lot

Boat / Canoe


BOM Led by Ginger

Moleskin: It was a lot of fun for two AO’s with small numbers on Saturday to converge for a nice size group. I can see the possibility of a monthly convergence taking place for Strut and Jumanji. Stay Tuned!

Continued prayers for Stones.

13 for Coffeeteria at Carolina Café. Nice spot! We’ll be back.


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  1. Alter Boy that was a great Q, I look forward to many more with The Herd and Strut. Lets chip in and get Garmin some clothes. Thanks for the great Christmas gifts


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