• When: 11/29/14
  • QIC: Flux
  • The PAX: Creole, Light Bill, Today (Charlotte), Bud, Zambonie, Hall Pass, Break 19, Flipper, Mungo, Flux

Burning off the leftover Turkey

10 PAX posted on a cold 32 degree morning.

The Thang:

Mosey to Baseball Field for COP:

25X SSH – IC

25X Windmill – IC

20X Freddie Mercuries – IC

20X Merkins – IC

20X LBC – IC

20X Flutter Kicks – IC

25X Imperial Walker – IC

Indian Run to Soccer Field:

Round 1: Starting on end line – 15X mountain climbers (IC) – Sprint backwards to mid-field – 25X LBCs – Sprint back

Round 2: Starting on end line – 15X Plank Jacks (IC) – Sprint backwards to mid-field – 10X Burpies – Sprint back

Round 3: Starting on end line – 15X Squats (IC) – Sprint backwards to mid-field – 20X Merkins – Sprint back

Mosey to Picnic Shelter:

Partner up:  25X Iron Crosses, 25X Dips, 25X Big Boy Sittups, 25X Bench Step-Ups, 10X Decline Merkins, 10X Incline Merkins, 10X Merkins.

Mosey to next Picnic Shelter:

15X Little Arm Circles – Forward, Backward, overhead, out in front (each)

20X Windmill (IC)

20X Squats (IC)

Mosey to Brick Pile:

20X Curls (IC), 20X overhead arm raises (IC), 10X Curls (IC), 10X overhead arm raises (IC)

Back to the Flag for Mary:

Hallpass: 20X Freedom Twist (IC), 20X LBCs, 20X Flutter kicks, low plank, plank, raise right arm, plank, raise left arm, plank, 20X mountain climbers (IC).

Flux: 20X overhead arm claps (IC), 20X Through the Tunnel (IC)

Creole: 2 minutes of Front-Back-GO

0 thoughts on “Burning off the leftover Turkey”

  1. I enjoyed the beatdown Flux! You and the other #speedtrap pax have a good thing going there at Crooked Creek. I look forward to visiting again on my next trip home. The mumble chatter from Creole was some of the best I’ve seen while visiting other AO’s. I was laughing all the way until that last beatdown of #front-back-go.

    I enjoyed the coffeeteria with Mungo, Cerole and Flipper as well. That gas station didn’t exist back in my day.

    If you are ever in Charlotte on a Saturday at 0700, come look us at F3/Indy! You can follow Captain Jack on Twitter at @F3Indy


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