• When: 12/16/14
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Columbo, Tuff Guy, Altar Boy, Ramblin' Wreck, Kipper, Mac

Bopp’s Burpee Bonanza

6 Pax bravely embarked on Bopp’s burpee bonanza this fine gloomy morning at Jumanji. The HERD at Jumanji, as they are affectionately known, caught on quick to theme of this workout and although no one was begging for more burpees they knocked everything out in short order. Well I wrote a song about it so here it goes….

Sung to the music of Bohemian Rhapsody

The Weather: low 40s with a 90% chance of burpees

The Thang:

images (1)


Side Straddle Hop x 25

Thru The Tunnel x 20

Imperial Walker x 25

Windmill x 20

Little Baby Arm Circle x 10 ew

Merkins x 10

Jump Squats x 10 OYO


Mosey to path to first bend

Burpees x10 OYO

Jump Lunges x 10 each way OYO

Twisting LBC x 20 OYO


Mosey to second bend

Burpees x 10 OYO

Star Jacks x20OYO

Suplines x 20OYO

images (4)

Mosey to next bend

Burpees x 10 OYO

Reverse lunge to knee up x 10 each leg OYO

Heel touches x 20 OYO


Mosey to last corner


Burpee w/ 1 Merkin up to Burpee w/5 merkins and back down


Burpee Bonanza

1’s wall burpees – mule kick up on wall instead of merkin

2’s hang 10 burpees – add a wall hang with slow release to the jump

3’s Star jack burpees – do star jack instead of jump

AMRAP until star jack burpees hit 10

Rinse and repeat till star jacks hit 5

Cause if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing twice

images (3)

Mosey to open Field

Beginning 6mom with….

Guantanamo – you can kindly thank the exercise lexicon for this Crowd Pleaser

Circle up in iron cross position-Legs at 45

Each pax runs around circle pushing the legs down in turn until all have done it

Rinse and repeat while saying duck duck goose

LBCs x 20 IC

Hydraulics x 20 IC

Flutter kicks x 20 IC

Freddy Mercs x 20 IC



  • Awesome work by the Herd today as always. I try to push a little bit harder each time I come out here and these guys respond.
  • Excellent second F with the small crowd here.
  • Quote of the day “Do you sit around all night and think of stuff like this?” answer is yes 🙂 someone has to do it.
  • I truly enjoy working out at this AO. There is a lot of places to keep things interesting and the Herd is great. If you haven’t posted here, put it on your itinerary.


  • Christmas party is Friday
  • Looks like we are going to workout on Christmas morning.


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