• When: 09/23/14
  • QIC: Phonebooth
  • The PAX: Magic Mike, Pablo, Trix, Knot, Pothole, Uncle Rico, False Alarm, Cowbell, Rabid, Shakespeare, Roommate, JD, Bumble Bee, Overruled, Hen Pecked, Deux, Turbo Tax, Copper Tone, EOB, Stagecoach, Rocketman, Bogey, Phonebooth

Abby someone…Abby…Normal, yeah, that’s it…

23 Pax rolled into the gloom for an Ab smoker by YHC. Early mumble chatter from the Pax indicated that they did not want to do a the infamous Phonebooth special (7×10 pull-ups), but little did the Pax know that there is always another ditch on the other side of the road. The other ditch was the 45 min ab-domination by YHC. Rather than do another mind-job on the Pax, YHC decided to share the workout for today up front as well as let them know that there would not be a single set of IC under 40. Today’s mission was about setting goals and going a little further to Get Better.

Conditions: Misty, 60 Deg, and anxiety about 45 min abs

– Imperial Walker x 40 IC
– LBCs x 40 IC
– Freddie Mercury x 40 IC
– Burt Reynolds (oblique crunch) x 40 IC on each side
Burpee Train showed up. YHC actually thinks this was one of the first times that the Pax were happy to see the train.
Stretch Abs, put your junk in the dirt and look up
– Flutter Kicks x 40 IC
– Hello Dolly x 40 IC
– Rosalita x 40 IC
– Russian Twist x 40 IC
Stretch Abs, put your junk in the dirt and look up

Buddy up for next exercises:
– Each man does 150 BBS and 150 Iron Crosses. Some pax opted for LBCs instead BBSs once they hit the Ab wall.

We finished up with a Cherry on top – 25 Atomic Sit-ups (single count)

Mosey to the invisible Shovel Flag for COT/BOM

Great work today on Abs. Mumble chatter was non-existent throughout the workout because all of the pax were pushing themselves all the way to the end. If we keep pushing ourselves on Abs, we will see some improvement on the PT Test. Set a goal and push yourself to make it. Not many ab exercises can take the place of good ole BBS to improve your PT test results so stick with what works.

Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a supernatural act that was easy for Jesus and is very hard for us. The people that we are close to are the hardest to forgive. Stop allowing yourself to be cut down by others around you and do not look for justice or retribution. The only acceptance you should seek is that of God the Father and judgement is his right. Put your faith in him and be the Christian that he wants you to be. The path to forgiveness will grow over and become obscured if you don’t use it often. There is at least one person in your life that need forgiveness from you. You are thinking about them now and possible every week. Follow the example of Jesus Christ by putting your faith in God, letting go of the human nature to seek justice, and forgive that person. Talk to your kids about the importance of forgiveness. Lead your families to the path of forgiveness as F3 men of God.

– Mud Run coming up in the next two weeks. If you are not running in the Mud Run, then Neckbrace could use your help with the Beverages (setting up/handing out, not drinking). Each Team needs to bring one case of their beverage of choice and drop it off with Neckbrace. Water, Beer, or Gatorade.
– Try the new DFHS AO called Foxhole this Fall. Start time is 5:15am and you will need to sign the Hold Harmless agreement before you work out. See the Q before the workout to sign the sheet.
– Palmetto 200 is still available to for sign-ups. Mungo is the Q.
– Governor’s Cup is still available for sign-ups. Magoo is the Q.
– Go Ruck coming up in November. Watch Twitter for Go Ruck workouts.

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