• When: 09/23/14
  • QIC: MoneyPenny
  • The PAX: Mungo, Sparky, Hall Pass, Kwik Way, Zamboni, Dirt Bag, Rafter, Snatch, Howler, Holy Water, Stirrups, Super Trooper, Light Bill, Rudy, Creole

Time for Burpee Broad Jumps and Bear Crawls

Conditions: 60 degrees, cloudy, perfect morning for F3

The Thang:

Jog to baseball field and take a lap around the outfield

Warm Up COP
– SSH: x20 IC
– IW: x20 IC
– Good Morning: x20 IC

Mosey to the backstop area behind homeplate and partner up
– LBC’s while your partner runs to outfield fence and back, flip flop
– Freddy Mercuries while your partner runs
– BBSU’s while your partner runs
– Flutter Kicks while your partner runs
– Plank until all are done

Hustle to the block pile, grab a block and then mosey to the baseball field at CES for COP
– Shoulder press x 25 oyo
– BBSU’s with block x25 oyo
– Split merken’s on block x24 (12 each arm) oyo
– Squats with block in overhead press position x25 oyo
– Close grip bench press x25 oyo
– Dips on your block x25 oyo
– Curls for the girls x25 oyo

Leave blocks and form a straight line along the foul line (Stirrups)
– Combination of burpee broad jumps, lunges and bear crawls to other foul line then run back

Return blocks to block pile then mosey to bottom of hill. All out back to shovel flag for Mary.
– Boat Canoe (Rudy)
– IW (Hall Pass)
– Hello Dolly (Mungo)
– OH Arm Claps (Rudy)

– Pray for Sparky’s wife’s aunt, Becky Haynes, who had emergency surgery last night to remove a tumor
– Continue to pray for Walker
– Stirrups is getting a pie in his face this afternoon. The kids are throwing pies in the staff’s face to raise awareness for childhood cancer.
– Q for Saturday is still open.
– No workout at Speedtrap on Oct 4th due to mud run. Probably converge somewhere. Stay tuned for details.
– Swagger (run group) meets on M/W at old Blockbuster on St. Andrews Rd and on Friday at     Dunkin Donuts on Lake Murray Blvd.
– FiA (Females in Action) just started a workout at Depot on Saturdays at 8:00. They are a sister group to F3.
– Mungo is Q’ing the Palmetto 200. See him if you are interested. We already have 5 from Speedtrap.
– Governor’s Cup is coming up on Nov. 8th.


Devotional: This Is Our Temporary Home

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