• When: 11/01/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Hanging Chad, Ranger, Wapner, No Show, Shake-n-Bake, Tumbler, No Help

7 pax brave the cold, wet, rainy, sleety, snowy conditions for pocket pool lunges…

YHC and 6 other pax removed themselves from the warm, comfortable, cozy, dry, indoor fartsack and went out into glorious conditions. This workout definitely falls into the #CSAUP category. 5 of the pax rolled into the Graveyard AO right after some excellent GORUCK training.

YHC didn’t know what to expect when he got there after completing a wardrobe change (stayed dry for a few seconds). YHC went weinkeless again and did what he could to keep the pax off the frozen tundra. So off we went into the epic conditions…


Weather: Mid 30’s (real feel low 20’s), windy, cold, freezing, sleeting, snowing, raining, paining

The Thang

Lap around field

SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 20 IC
Windmill x 20 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

Move to end zone

Run to 50 – 20 merkins, back to end zone. Run to opposite end zone – 10 squats,
back to original end zone

Pocket Pool Lunge to 50, karaoke to end zone switching sides after 25 yds. Run
back to original end zone

Run to 50 – 20 squats, back to end zone, run to opposite end zone 50 squats.
Run to happy hole behind end zone.

People’s chair 2 mins

Balls to the wall 1 min
Modified Carolina Dry Docks from the balls to the wall position x 10

Slow single count merkins x 20, holding in the down position for 10 seconds on
last rep

Carolina Dry Docks x 10 single count

LBCs x 20 slow count, hold in up position on final rep

Russian Twist x 20 IC

Static flutter kick, hold each leg for 30 seconds each morning right into 6″ for
39 seconds

Boat Canoe – 2 mins

People’s chair for 1.5 mins

Balls to the Wall 1 min

15 slow count merkins, holding in down position at rep 10 and last rep for 10
seconds and 5 seconds

Leave happy hole, run to 50 squats x 20, back to end zone squats x 10, run to
opposite end zone 30 squats, back to original end zone squats x 10

Run to opposite end zone 20 in place pocket pool lunges each leg, run back to
happy hole

Tabata – LBCs

10 slow count merkins holding in down position each rep, 1 sec for rep one, two
sex for rep two, three sec for rep three…you get the idea


Continue to pray for Walker, injured F3 brothers (FDIC, Wiggles, Lead Belly, Pajanimal)


So thats pretty much what went down this morning…well maybe, may or may have not missed something but to know for sure you would have had to be there. The first F was present this morning as always, but the second F was in full effect. The pax showed a tremendous amount of will power, strength, and drive. We all suffered but we suffered together and made the best of the conditions that we were given. Mumble chatter was constant, and spirits were high even though the temperatures were low. The pax even came up with a new exercise, the pocket pool lunge. We even found a new spot to do some work, and named it the happy hole because it was a hole away from the suck and it made us happy to get in there. We could have called it the hell hole as well because the suck brought on strong in the hole. TClaps to the pax who endured through the suckfest and undoubtedly came out stronger. #GetBetter #BeBetter

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