• When: 2020-01-14
  • QIC: Uncle Rico
  • The PAX: Milkman, Hairnet, Butterbean, Hokie Pokie, Smithers, Clarice, Starkist, Bell Hop, Slate, Lemon, Skunky, Jazz Hands

2112-Neil Peart Tribute F3 Style

Last week Rock music lost a legend.  Neil Peart, drummer of the band Rush, passed away after a battle with brain cancer.  You may not like the music but if you like to see a master perfecting his craft just YouTube Neil Peart drum solos.  You’re welcome.

Now on to the work.

2112 was a Rush album and it only made sense to incorporate those iconic numbers into some sort of workout.  So with that being said 13 pax gathered in the gloom with some nice temperatures in the mid 60’s and some Rush tunes on the speaker to get to work.


SSH x 21 IC

TTT x 12 IC

Overhead Arm Claps x 21 IC

WIndmill x 12 IC

Head to the Block Pile

Partner Up and grab a block for the 2

5 Rounds:

422  reps per round 422 x 5=2110 (close enough to 2112)

While one Pax is putting in reps the other is running to shovel flag and back

Round 1: Curls

Round 2: Bench Press

Round 3: LBCs

Round 4: Overhead Press

Round 5: Skull Crushers (Ran out of time and missed these)

Good work all around


Run Groups Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Prayer Requests:

Drag Family

Jazz Hands Family

Skunky’s friend fighting Breast Cancer

Hampton Schulz cancer scan to be benign

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