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Your Wife Will Love This One

37 men (including 1 FNG) invaded the grounds of DHS on Tuesday where Windmill was prepared with another creative beatdown. His parking-lot focused workout proved you don’t have to travel much for a solid beat down.

The Thang:

Parking lot
Side straddle hops
Shoulder circles
tricep press w/ bricks
21’s w/ bricks
Shoulder raises w/ bricks
Standing crunch w/ bricks
Side crunch w/ bricks
The secretary
Single leg lunges with brick curls
Front shoulder raise
Lateral suicides

Hollywood Squares

21’s w/ bricks palm down
Step up’s
Windmill tricep presses
Imperial blockers
Posterior delt raises


21’s with block




  • Windmill continues to deliver creative and deceptive workouts. By introducing new movements, different muscle groups get work (attested to by soreness in places I didn’t know I had).
  • We were greeted in the gloom this morning by 30 cyclists and their support teams from the Charlotte, NC area. They are in the middle of an 800-mile trek across North and South Carolina to raise money for the families of fallen fire fighters and were using the DHS gym for an overnight bivouac before their next leg to Aiken, SC. YHC hung around afterwards until they departed. It was pretty cool watching their convoy mobilize. T-Claps to you all — enjoy the ride and stay safe.
  • It was noted that Betamax has shaved his beard and has lost the stereotypical porn star look that led to his nickname.
  • Money for AmFibious 5K due Satuday the 19th.


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