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Bells 102

11 pax converged at #Ironyard at the Brickpile for a detailed and painful tutorial on the many ways of using a Kettlebell (KB). If our lesson a few weeks ago from Swinger was 101, this session proved to be an excruciating Bells 102 course led by Homewrecker with more KB moves than thought possible.

The Thang:

Cardio Warmup
High Knees
Big Arm Circles
Little Arm Circles

2 Min Reps

1. Traditional KB Swings
2. Triceps
3. Suitcase Squat
4. Hammer Curl
5. High Plank with Row
6. KB Pullover
7. Halo
8. One Arm KB Swing
9. Lunge with Figure 8
10. Cross Crunch or Sit up
11. Regular Squat or Squat Press
12. Biceps
13. Single Leg Deadlift
14. Turkish Get Up



Ball of Man


  • Homewrecker continues to distinguish himself in the KB arena. Excellent workout.
  • Mel still complaining about the size of his bells.
  • Nutrition Warehouse is offering 10% off to F3 guys. They have some KBs at the Forest Drive location but a better selection at Boozer Shopping Center and on Two Notch Road.
  • A small group workout with Robber and Kim Jung should not be missed. #Hilarity


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