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Running down ThunderRoad


All those years of posting to races #SadClownStyle where nobody knows your name is long over.  If you do not already know, ThunderRoad is the premier running event in Charlotte, it’s expected to have 8,000 plus runners on 11/16, and it happens all through the heart of the Queen City.  The band of brothers that is F3 is looking to hit this event hard individually and as a unit.  Look at this like the grand finale of CSAUP for the year.

Last year, 37+ PAX took on the half or the full and it was a big deal, might have been the most exciting race last year for me.  The post CSAUP #CJEmailString after that event was EPIC, in fact the whole event was an eye opener showing the power of this brotherhood. The actual race itself is filled with friends, F3 PAX, and family lining the streets of the queen city rooting YOU on to the finish line. Music blaring, motivational signs, knifing through the city at the end of Fall, you want to go into Thanksgiving having blasted any PR goals with this race under your belt.

If you’re IN, keep reading…


This is the first year ThunderRoad has implemented a team format. Simply means there are overall team competition metrics floating out there for the taking. I have been snooping around the running community and there is stiff competition, but I think we will make a name for ourselves. Also, team running workshops and Run for Your Life discounts are all part of the deal. The whole nine, just gotta step up.

We are initially breaking down registration into 3 Teams: Metro (Uncle as Q), Area 51 (49er as Q), and NoCo (DriveThru Q).

NOTE****PAX from other regions that are going to run, you need 5+ and a Q if you’d like to make your own team and I can get it setup for you. If not, sign up under one of the three teams above and let’s do this. M’s and future F3ers are welcome to use the promo code below and sign up under the appropriate teams. Contact me with registration questions.*****

Which race are you gonna do?

I am getting the freakin Full done some how some way, although I’m not recommending this course of action for all especially if you are not vested to train.  Fishwrap, Stinger, and Drive Thru among others are also taking this red pill with me.  I am also betting that the former high school athlete will ‘show up’ for redemption.

Sign up for the 5K at minimum #DontDoThat, push yourself to at least crush the half-marathon.  As far as the full, it’s all there for the taking: the trainings, the knowledge from others who know more than you, the clean lean eating program, and enough time to push it to that next level. The red pill is waiting for you, find a reason.  If you want it, then take it.


What: Charlotte ThunderRoad Marathon/Half/5K

When: Race starts 7:45 a.m., November 16, 2013

Start/Finish: Jungle (Uptown) 

Courses: Full Marathon Course MapHalf Marathon Course Map

Dress: F3 Locked Shields Racing Shirt BAB recommended.

Registration Steps

  1. Promo codes: Full Marathon use ‘F3 Full’, Half-Marathon use ‘F3 Half’, 5K – No Code.
  2. Register for Race here under on one of the F3 Teams: F3Nation – Metro, F3Nation – NoCo, F3Nation – Area51
  3. Let us know your IN/PAID in the comments and fill out the form at the bottom of post.
  4. Run. EH Family and Friends. Run.

Training Overview

F3 Metro Trainings:  The writing is on the wall, any weaselshakers out there that want to help develop a more detailed plan with tempo runs, etc. – jump in, please.  Options are plentiful in Metro, I will piggyback off the Chicago Marathon training.

  • Ritchie Run (long and slow)
  • SIB (Bratwurst is a scientist)
  • RingRun (L10’s Rat Race on Tuesdays)
  • 6Rock: Hilly six miles on Monday morning in C-Rock
  • [email protected]:  Friday’s Gold Man Statue
  • Sweet Six: Thursday morning, I think they do the route backwards now. Who knows?
  • Ben and Jerry’s Cuda Run Thursday’s.

F3 North Trainings – see @DriveThru

F3 South Training – see @49er

Triple Layer Cake of CSAUP – Should you complete this life-changing combo, surely you will receive a badass patch.

  • 11/2 – Tough Mudder
  • 11/9 – Spartan Beast
  • 11/16 – ThunderRoad Full

rev that engine UP, brother. aye.

0 thoughts on “Running down ThunderRoad”

  1. Uncle, I’ve had 26.2 miles on 11/16 in my sights since I finished the TR Half last November with the Pax, and was left wanting more. Glad to see we’ve got the F3 Engine behind this one. We’ll be louder than the Willie Nelson tribute band that I look forward to seeing about mile 6…

  2. In for half. Coming of Chicago I don’t see myself running another full since I promised I would only do one in a lifetime. I will go out to PR the half, though.

    1. Subway – I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy named Malkovich, who might be able to hook us up with an F3-branded, garnet & black sweatband. We’ll see if we can pull some strings.

  3. I did Thunder Road as my first full several years ago and I have respect for anyone that completes it. The hills surprised me. I believe the race was in December then. 27 degrees. I’d normally head up a Columbia group but this is the weekend after our Governor’s Cup Half here in Columbia that we’re making a big group push for as well. I’ll float this though as I’d be up for doing back to back halfs if I can get 4 others to as well. Any chance some of you Charlotte guys do a 2 week CSAUP thing and do both GC and TR?

    1. From the F3Columbia, Chaser and I are both going to do the double half… Governors Cup Half M here in Columbia on November 9th followed by Thunder Road Half on November 16th. If anyone else in the ‘Nation wants a warm-up one week early, come on down.

        1. Can we create a “F3 Nation – Columbia” under the groups? I see there’s now a F3 Nation – Highlands” in addition to the groups listed in the post.

          1. sure, if you can get 5, some team benefits will kick in. want me to list you as team captain? ‘F3Nation – COLA’..good?

          2. I haven’t pressed the button yet but I selected “create group” and made “F3 Nation – Columbia”. Fountain Head was going to try and tag onto that one when he registers. Is that ok or do you need to/want to create it Uncle? I’ll hold off on finalizing until I hear from you.

          3. You’re good, go ahead! will just double check that creating that group qualifies as a ‘team’, looks like it does though.

  4. I’m in for the Half. This will be my first Half, so looking for guidance from the PAX, Bratwurst and 49’er!

  5. IN for the 1/2′ and feeling inspiration from Uncle for the Full. I remember running along side Dredd last year saying he took the “Blue” pill and going the full. “Don’t let me catch you”

  6. In for my virgin 1/2 and will pay later today. Contemplating either Tough Mudder or Beast, but likely not both this year.

  7. Myself and father-in-law (Out Cold) HC for the full on the Area51 team. Paid and ready to get the job done. Now for some serious training mileage. Aye!

  8. Can we create a “F3 Nation – Columbia” under the groups? I see there’s now a F3 Nation – Highlands” in addition to the groups listed in the post.

  9. In for the Full – Team NoCo. Virgin marathoner. I’ll be looking for training tips and running partners. Pull me through, Kumquat and DT!

  10. Aye gents. Plan in place and communication coming out this week for Sunday long runs on the actual ThunderRoad course Q’d by @Pesci and friends. The time to start locking it in to prepare for this race is now especially for you FULLS, pun intended. Very excited to move through this and make it happen on 11/16 with you all. I am encouraging leaders to step up and rally the troops to train the right way.

  11. I’m in for the half and paid in full – but I did it through the main race website, so I’m not tagged anywhere as F3… any way to fix that after the fact?

  12. I’m in and paid for the half but because I turned in a paper application with a physical check, I am not listed on the website’s roster (SPORToften) but have confirmed officially I’m counted amongst the F3 Metro numbers.

  13. In and paid for Half. #stupidatfitty. I blame Holtz for making me even consider this event. Uncle, I assume you will organize the Ball of Man pre-race?? If anyone wants a slow running partner (9:00-9:30ish pace), let me know.

  14. In for 1/2…paid in full. Can’t run. Anybody who hasn’t signed up and wants to run, take my number. Let me know.

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