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You Using the Whole Hand, Doc?

12 men including 1 FNG assembled in the gloom for Moon River’s virgin Q. He did not disappoint. He stepped right up and led us through an awesome workout like a true veteran. We will see Moon River Q again soon as me told me he has become a big fan of Monday boot camp workouts. We learned that Moon River likes long count reps. That obviously equals a tough workout….

60 degrees. Perfect workout conditions.

The Thang:

Warm up loop around school to lower field
SSH X 30 All 4 count exercises
Merkins X 15
Freddy Mercury X 25
Carolina Dry Dock X 25
Flutter Kicks X 41

Strings Of Fire: Repeat 3 times on lower field
Sprint 60 yards, 8 Burpees, 20, LBC’s, 15 Squats

Logo’s Loop with 4 pain stations:
Adger/Devereaux: 25 iron cross with partner, 15 decline merkins
Devereaux/Princeton: 25 Russian Twist, 15 Carolina Dry Dock (4 ct), 20 Mountain Climbers (4 ct)
Devereaux/Daly: 12 Wide Arm Merkins (4 ct), 25 Freddy Mercury (4 ct),
Daly/Millwood: 10 Diamond Merkins (4 ct), 30 Flutter Kick (4 ct)

Run back to Brickpile:
2 sets of exercises
Curls w/ block 15 (4ct)
Rows w/ block 15 (4 ct)
Bench press w/ block 20 (4 ct)
Sit ups 25
Plank 60 seconds


BOM: Led by Moon River

• Awesome first Q by Moon River. This is what I love about F3. New guys stepping up to be the Q. Natural leaders. Moon River didn’t miss a beat!

• Welcome back Bluegrass. Great to see you this AM
• A little comedy by Moon River on the strings of fire….8 burpees, 20 LBCs, and 15 squats. He said it sounds like a fertilizer exercise….
• Bluegrass has the Q next Monday. El Guapo the next week.
• A lot of different Qs on Monday. Come out and join us. Great way to start the week. Makes you feel good when you wake up Tuesday AM and you already have one workout under your belt for the week….. Getting stronger!!!!


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  1. “Arnold Babar. One ‘B’ or two?”

    “One ‘B’, B-a-b-a-r.”

    “That’s two?”

    “Yeah but not right together, I thought that’s what you meant.”

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