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Governor’s Cup Half Marathon Training – 8 Mile – 9/21

One mile closer and the full Gov’s Cup course route officially reconnoitered.  Having run the lollipop end of the 13.1 mile race last week, this weekend the pax took in the finish line, the starting line and the in between parts timed to coincide with the Saturday morning convergence at Dreher… with a few exceptions.  Now you know what’s out there.  All that’s left is the training.

Conditions:  Pleasant…  glad to have some cooler weather for these longer runs.

The Thang:


As explained in the pre-blast, the route leaves from Dreher High School, crosses Devine into Shandon and turns right on Wheat Street.  Zigzag up King Street back to Devine and then head down through five points, up Blossom turning right up the brutal climb on Sumter Street.  Put it in gear up that hill as it’s the race finale.  Our training run, though, is only halfway through so keep going on to Gervais and turn right back toward Forest Acres.  Take Gervais all the way to a right hand turn onto Millwood and on to Maple Street.  Turn Right on Maple to the left turn on Duncan Street.  Finally, to round out the eight mile distance, run to Kilbourne and turn left, cross Devine and turn left again on Deveraux, on to Adger and finally wrap up the run in front of Hollywood Squares back at DHS. Note that the map above, the one with professionally created turn by turn directions by MapMyRun, calls for a right hand turn on Devereaux… which will get you lost.  Do what I say, not what I say…

COT & BOM – in conjunction with the DHS Convergence


  • T-Claps to Traitor and Slumdog who took in the route on Friday and Sunday.  If you’re going to run forthcoming routes on off days, shout out to the group.  Slumdog took on the mantle of Q for the Sunday run after YHC failed to plan a run that day.  As he did, Tweet out your plans and lets try to include some 2nd F accountability on the days only a handful of pax can join.
  • Check the other backblasts (such as the #Amble BB I just wrote) for announcements since it doesn’t help much to write the same stuff twice over.
  • Strong work guys.  9 miles coming at you this weekend.


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