• When: 04/30/14
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Kendoll, Nail pop, Homer, Treadmill, Say what?, Quisenberry, Pepto, Meatball, Candy Stripe, Ranger, Thumbs Up, Flapper

Yippee! Stride Pax all return happier and stronger!

13 Pax came out for the first midweek Out and back running of Stride at Lowes on 378 in Lexington.  Twitter was ablaze last night of one pax concerned they would get lost.  I’m proud to say that everyone came back… sweatier, sorer, stronger and happier!  A good time was had by all!

Because YHC forgot to get a photo of the inaugural running of Stride on Monday, we decided to do it this morning. Apologies to the Pax who showed up on Monday and didn’t make it today for the picture.  You will not be forgotten though!

The Thang:

Depart Lowes parking lot and turn left onto Whiteford Way

Run down the hill, pass the roundabout and keep trucking

curve around until you get to N. Lake Drive.

Some of us turned right and ran until 20 minutes were up and turned around

Others turned left onto N. Lake drive and did a loop coming back up the Old Cherokee Rd Hill and back to Lowes.


DEVO: Is God the center of your life or have you compartmentalized him as other parts of your life?  I know I have… Psalm 96:11-13


  • Excellent effort by all pax in attendance.  I look forward to seeing improvement in the future!
  • The hills through Whiteford are much more challenging on foot and not in your V6 (or was it V8??).  As discussed before the run, there are not many flat stretches in Lexington.
  • As the temp and humidity goes up, keep in mind what you can do and don’t overdo it.  Hydrate yourselves early and often when you’re in a running program.


  • Come out again on Friday for another DownPAINment of ‘stridely’ proportions!
  • Graveyard at 0530 and Crypt at 0515 at RBHS
  • Shawshank, Lexington’s third boot camp will start Monday, May 13th at a yet to be determined time will be held at Gibson Road Soccer Complex.
  • Details on the Savannah Rock n’ Roll Full (and half) Marathon are posted here: http://f3nation.com/2014/04/24/preblast-savannah-rock-n-roll-marathon/  F3 Columbia already has quite a few HCs.
  • Get in the Pink is May 10th.  Register at www.strictlyrunning.com.  Let’s support this wonderful event in force.  Get signed up now!
  • BRR is this fall and we now have 2 full teams.  It is not too late for a 3rd.  Contact Chaser, F’Head, or Crash with questions.

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