• When: 04/29/2014
  • QIC: Sunset
  • The PAX: Spackle, House, Floppy Disk, Clipboard, PYT, No Help, Blindside, NSF, FNG (Updike), Red Tape, No Show, FDIC, Soft tail, Help Desk, Turasi, Bullpen, Wiggles, Ranger, PD, Rename, Quest, Shooter, Lego, Glory Days, Chicken Fried, FNG (Broke Strong), Wishbone, Hanging Chad, Outbreak, Sea biscuit, Fast Casual, Pinot, Hopper, Sunset...1 departed during Mary and 2 before COT

Would you demonstrate a bunny hop again?

bunny hop f3

Disclaimer,    Pray

Mosey to the field, circle up

First exercise is:

Dying Cockroaches (15 3-count Dying Cockroaches), Starting position…Move, in Cadence, Exercise

Next exercise is: Imperial Walkers(20 3-countImperial Walkers)

15 3-count Mercans

20 3-count Windmills

20 3-count High Knees

10 Burpees

15 3-count Thru the Tunnels

20 3-count Flutter Kicks

20 3-count Mercans

20 3-count Side Straddle Hops

20 3-count Squats

Form a line along one sideline

20 squats then backpedal to the other sideline

20 3-count Dying Cockroaches

16 jump lunges then carryover to the other side, switch halfway

40 Mercans (on your own)

Sprint across field, plank

10 3-count Flutter Kicks

broad jump across field, plank

10 3-count Mtn Climbers

backpedal across field, plank

10 burpees

bunny hop across field, plank

10 3-count Mercans

Jog around field until about 5min left to exercise

Circle up again in big circle

Heavy stretching:

Feet together down    cross feet hamstring stretch;    grab your ankle quad stretch

Back to the top to circle up; count off; name, age, nickname/FNG

Devotional: Revelation 3:19-21 Jesus is knocking at the door…let Him come in…sit on THE THRONE!

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