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Mud Run Prep Induces Multiple Elvises

5 pax moseyed into a frozen tundra at Strut this morning, two of whom had already pulled a 9 mile a run and lost a perfectly good pair of gloves due to a lack of paper products in a certain porta-john. None-the-less, the fearless crew was prepared for what their leader had to offer…


10° or 16° or “Conditions may be hazardous” (depending on whose gauge you’re looking at.)


Quickie COP
15 Mountain Climbers IC

The following activities were all follow the leader format, called by the Q and passed down through the pax. That way, everyone stayed moving all the time:
Up the driveway to the road in a light jog.
Cut across Children’s Place and climb the small hill into the Seven Oaks parking lot. Keep running around the building toward the tennis courts, over another short wall.
15 Dips on bench outside of tennis courts
20 Squats
1 Suicide
20 Merkins
15 Dips on the next bench
Run to elementary school playground
10 Pull Ups
10 Big Boy Sit-Ups
10 Pull Ups
10 Big Boy Sit-Ups
Run down the path to the old rock pile
20 Curls
20 Shoulder Press
20 Curls
20 Shoulder Press
Run behind baseball fields to the football field
Run diagonal to bleachers on the right
Up the bleachers and down
Up the next set of bleachers and down
Run back onto the field and around the opposite goal post
Repeat down other side of the field (up & down both bleachers)
Return to starting goal post and plank
Run the same route, except this time crawl under each of the four sets of bleachers and climb over the stand at mid-field.
100 Yard Sprint
100 Yard Skip
20 Sit-Ups
15 Merkins
Light jog to soccer fields
Sprint between the barrels (the width of the field)
Run onto exterior path pausing at each bench for 10 dips (x5 benches)
Up and over the dirt hill at the corner, then back to the path
Continue jogging the path, pausing at each bench for 10 merkins (x5 benches)
Continue to Pebble’s Playground (Elvis #2 – ha ha #2 ha ha – leaves the building)
10 Olivia Newton Johns each leg
10 Jump Ups
lap around the playgrounds
Flying Dutchman
3 men dead-lift table while 1 man does 10 merkins on the table
Mosey to baseball fields
Over the fence (team effort) x2
Over the mounds (run up and over the frozen mounds of dirt/sod behind the fields)
Over the fence (team effort)
Elvis returns, victorious.
Bleacher Warmers:
Man 1: 0 SSH – Man 2: 10 SSH – Man 3: 20 SSH – Man 4: 30 SSH – Man 5: 40 SSH
Climb over bleachers from the back and walk down to front
10 Dips on front ledge
move to next bleachers
10 incline merkins on bench front
Repeat around 8 sets of bleachers
Man 1: 40 SSH – Man 2: 30 SSH – Man 3: 20 SSH – Man 4: 10 SSH – Man 5: 0 SSH
Jog to Softball field for Mary
6 inches
20 Flutter Kicks IC
6 inches
20 Iron Butterfly IC
Low Plank 60 sec
Jog back to parking lot



Workout Run Down:
3.14 Miles
120 Dips
100 SSH
90 Incline Merkins
45 Merkins
40 Curls
40 Shoulder Press
40 Sit-Ups
20 Pull Ups
20 Squats
+ various crawls and climbs

We visited the entire park and did at least one exercise in each area.

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise for healing so far, and continued healing for Fiji and Sled.

Optional Devotional:

…from condemned sinners to adopted children of God. 



  • Strut & Depot will converge at STRUT next Saturday February 1
  • F3 Columbia Blue Shirt order is open right now at http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/sc-columbia/products/f3c-cola.  Shirts must be ordered by 1/25/14.
  • F3 2014 Official Race Jersey (as designed by Strut’s own Pebbles) is now available for pre-order.  See blast for additional information http://f3nation.com/2014/01/23/f3-2014-official-race-jersey-announced-order-now-for-spring-races/.
  • 3rd F: Fridays, Noon, @Lizard’s Thicket in Irmo. We are currently studying the book of James
  • Swagger, MWF, 5:30am @The location previously known as Blockbuster. All running levels are encouraged to come.
  • Charleston Re-Bang is set for 2/1 at Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. Please consider attending that day or on subsequent Saturday. Charlotte did it for us and now we will pay it forward in Charleston.


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