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SwampFox Endures Murderer's Row

24 Men arrived invigorated from the weekend and unintimidated by the SwampFox “Murderer’s Row” of a Q rotation to take on the best of what our AO can dish out like no other – “The Pavers,” “The Tree of Life,” and the always crowd-pleasing “Hamburger Hill.” What was touted this week as an inhumane string of Q’s (FountainHead, Adrian, Snuggles and YHC) never really gets easier with guys like Chaser, Mulch, Fannie, XX, Sheets, Polo and Stain lurking in the dugout.

Conditions: Dry 38 degrees, 5 mph wind (which is now comfortable for the Pax)

Run to get Pavers
Merkin/Squat Countdown 10-1
SSH 25 4ct

Paver Speed Curls 50 oyo
Slow Curl 10 4ct
Speed Curl 30 oyo
Merkins 15 4 ct
Speed Curl 30 oyo
Slow Curl 10 4ct
Speed Curl 30 oyo
Merkins 15 4ct
Arm Circles fwd 10 4ct
Arm Circles bwd 10 4ct
Paver front raise 12 4ct
Paver side raise 12 4ct
Alternating one arm press 20 4ct
Paver Press 10 oyo
Arm Circles fwd 10 4ct
Arm Circles bwd 10 4ct
Paver front raise 12 oyo
Paver side raise 12 oyo
Alternating one arm press 20 oyo
Paver Press 10 oyo
Put Pavers Back

Run to Tree of Life
Circle up around tree/Partner Up
Tree Group:
Incline Clap Merkins 10
Decline Sit-ups 15
Decline Merkins 15
Decline Plank
Outer Circle Group:
Burpees 10
Squat 15
Russian Twist 50
6 inches
6 inches Circuit till Pax finish

Run to Hamburger Hill
Reverse Lunge down hill to bottom
Hill Sprint up
5 Merkins – 5 Squats – Hill Sprint
5 Squats – 5 Merkins – Hill Sprint
20 Mtn Climbers – Hill Sprint
High Knees in place – Hill Sprint
Run back to COT

BOM – by Splinter, prayers for Sled’s recovery and Traitor’s mother’s surgery

It was a rare dry morning on the grounds of SwampFox, and YHC was pleasantly surprised that THE THANG seen above was actually all completed with 24 pax present. As Adrian once said, “It’s a challenge to smoke ya’ll.” Great effort by the pax, great spirit this am too.

– Next up in SwampFox Murderer’s Row… it gets no easier. But keep posting in the gloom and attacking your days at full speed – you and those around you will all be better for it.


-F3 Charleston needs our help. Find a time to get down there for a workout or to Q. If not for Charlotte, we wouldn’t have what we have in Columbia. Let’s return the favor and grow Charleston. BIG BANG on 2/1. Subprime and yours truly on the Q. We’ll be carpooling down there. We need guys to commit to going down the 5 Saturday’s thereafter. Let us know when you can go. Email Sway [email protected]

– Stain is leading the #F3BibleChallenge2014 – still time to catch up. Please join us. Contact Stain if you want to hard commit and get encouraging e-mails throughout the year. Just like accountability is the reason you get out of bed to work out, accountability will help you stay current on your scripture readings. Sign up for it.

– MGC Long Run is Super Bowl Weekend. If you’re not headed to Charleston for the launch, consider running the 5k or 15k. Benefits the Souper Bowl of Caring and will be a great family event. www.mgclongrun.com If you are doing the half marathon, we are set to do 10 miles on 2/1/14 so this run fits perfectly in the training program.

– DOUBLE DOWN opportunity on 1/25. Normal boot camp convergence at 7am and then the Red Shoe Run at 8am. 5k and 10k options. The boot camp that day will venture near Hand Middle School starting line to basically deliver the runners to the starting line. Pre-blast here

0 thoughts on “SwampFox Endures Murderer's Row”

  1. Well done…backblast reads easier than the workout was though. For example ”
    Merkin/Squat Countdown 10-1″ doesn’t do justice the fact that the workout’s “warmup” was 54 merkins and 54 squats all done in about 3 minutes.

  2. Nice first backblast Splinter. Fannie, too, had a 10/1 countdown (merkins/big boy sit-ups) and it also read easier than it was.

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