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Woodshed Bootcamp Celebrating Chewy’s M’s Birthday

AO: Woodshed
Q: Chewy
PAX: Pipeline, Silent Bob, Kenny G, Hot lips, Chewy, Pondo, Silver Bullet, Teddy, Bonesaw
FNGs: None
Woodshed Bootcamp Celebrating Chewy’s M’s Birthday

Q — Chewy
9 Pax: Chewy, Bonesaw, Hot Lips, Teddy, SilverBullet, Pondo, Pipeline, SilentBob, and Kenny G

SSH x23 IC
‘Mericans x22 OYO
(45 total)
Imperial Walkers (after an embarrassing attempt at imperial squat walkers) x22 IC
‘Mericans x23 OYO
(45 total)
LBCs x22 IC
Flutters x23 IC
(45 total)

Easy peasy mosey around the Circus and to the Brick cage to grab a coupon and

The Thang – Catch Me if you can:
Partner Up
Round 1: Partner 1 farmer carries two coupons around the circus; when Partner 1 gets about a ¼ around the loop, Partner 2 sprints to catch Partner 1. Upon catching up to Partner 1, Partner 2 picks up the coupons and Partner 1 does 15 ‘Mericans and gets up and runs to catch up to Partner 2 and they switch-up and Partner 2 does the ‘Mericans, etc. You get the idea. We did 2 loops.
(we’re pretending the total ‘Mericans per Pax per loop was 45)

Round 2: same as above except 15 squats. However, the fun at the Circus was interrupted (see below), so only one loop was accomplished.
(We’re pretending the total squats per Pax per loop was 45)

Round 3: Our workout in the circus was interrupted by a growing line of cars waiting for a field trip, soooo we moved to the back of the Recreation Center where we changed the workout a bit. Partner 1 farmer carried some distance from the start and then back while Partner 2 amrapped crunches, then they switched. We did two rounds of this and were done.
(Pax did ~45 crunches per round)

Returned the coupons to the brickcage. I had some funky math worked out to get us to 45 suicides at the tennis courts, but I ran out of time so it was back to the Flag.

Freddie Mercuries – x22 IC
Hello Dollys (hello Stephanies?) – x23 IC
(45 total)

Upcoming Woodshed Anniversary in August
Upcoming Scramble Anniversary / Runvergence next Friday (5/26)
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: F3 Afternoon at Steel Hands Brewery. Bring the family. Be there or be square
Happy Birthday Stephanie! (definitely not telling her age . . .)

Silent Bob’s Grandmother recovery
Biggie Smalls’ Back Recovery
Prayers and celebration for Corndog’s sister and her new baby

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