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No Skipping Leg Day at Woodshed

AO: Woodshed
Q: Teddy
PAX: Silent Bob, Silver Bullet, Teddy
FNGs: None
3 pax for a brisk block beatdown at Woodshed this morning.

20 sidestraddle hops in cadence, 20 imperial walkers in cadence, little baby arms circles in cadence (12 forward, 12 back, 10 overhead claps, &10 raise the roof), 20 windmills in cadence, and 20 squats OYO
Moseyed to the cage and collected one cinderblock each. Cusaked out then lined up – did 5 blockies, then lunge-walked with the block @ 50 yards. Rinse and repeat twice more. Ended up at the small parking lot off the circus and lined up for 10 jump squats in cadence, followed by a suicide. Did 10 more jump squats, then 20 LBCs with the block, then another suicide. Did 10 more jump squats, then 20 flutter press with the blocks in cadence, then another suicide. Cusaked over to the circus and AMRAPed goblet squats while each pax took a lap of the circus. Cusaked back to upper field and did 5 more blockies, then lunge-walked @ 50 yds back toward the cage. Repeated twice more, then put the blocks back. Slow mosey back to the COT for Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama, where it was discovered that TODAY is @Silver Bullet’s 50th birthday – respect and salutations were given. BOM and closed in prayer

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